The Unstitute is an Evolving Interactive Environment which consists of a series of makeshift sites and excavations created in the form of a digital burrow. Built to offer challenges to establishment language and practise, The Unstitute creates and curates multi-media digital projects, manifesto writing machines and anarchic web-design as well as supporting up to four online residencies per year and a monthly video-channel as a part of its ongoing Participation programme.

Each department of The Unstitute's virtual building constitutes a series of movements which proliferate into extensions and entrances, holes and dead-ends, annexes and chambers - never singular, absolute, permanent, profound – always plural, temporary, mobile, superficial.

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The Neo-Noir Audience; join the experiment at The Unstitute

Sun Oct 26, 2014 15:05 - Thu Nov 26, 2015

The Unstitute is currently working in conjuction with Professor Bettany Unction to bring to you an exclusive online portal into the Evolving Interactive Environment known locally as "...drifting towards (x)"

We cannot say if this portal opens onto a parallel dimension, but what we can say is that the territories explored in this virtual Environment are very similar to a place in our dimension known as 'London'.

But there is one thing this supra-dimensional London lacks - inhabitants. It requires the semi-presence of virtual, networked inhabitants. Inhabitants in avatars. A Neo-Noir Audience.

To join this growing commmunity inside our virtual reality, The Unstitute invites you to connect to this alternate dimension via Facebook by clicking 'Like'.

Do so here...https://www.facebook.com/TheUnstitute


Josh Weissbach @The Unstitute + project opportunity

Wed Dec 31, 2014 15:20

[dis]Corporate Bodies: New participant

'106 River Road'

The Unstitute is proud to present the video ‘106 River Road’ by Josh Weissbach. It has been included in the permanent archive ‘[dis]Corporate Bodies’.

Employing experimental and nonfiction filmmaking techniques, the entirety of my cinematic project examines themes of spatial wonderment. Originally, I focused on the tenuous relationship between the intimate and the uncanny within domestic space. Central to this process was an investigation of the visual agency of the built form and the manner in which it implicated a history of familial trauma. In my recent work, such as the latest installments of my ongoing series The Addresses, there has been a subversion of the built form. I have also begun to also begun to consider natural spaces that are defined by the vitality of matter and its transfer of force. In much of my work, I have explored formal strategies that alter the composition of a frame physically constituted by film grain. Lately, this approach has shifted, placing an emphasis on the texture of video pixels within appropriated, digital imagery.

Josh Weissbach is an American experimental filmmaker. He currently lives in a house next to an abandoned village in Moodus, Connecticut with his wife, daughter, and three cats. He received his Master of Fine Arts in Film, Video, Animation, and New Genres from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, as well as his Bachelor of Arts in Film-Video Production, Photography, and Cuban Studies from Hampshire College. In 2013, he co-founded Microlights, a screening house specializing in avant-garde film and video based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He has shown his 16mm films and digital videos in film festivals, microcinemas, and galleries domestically and internationally.

About the [dis]Corporate Bodies Project and submission details: http://theunstitute.org/disCorporate.Bodies.Project.html

Follow The Unstitute on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheUnstitute


Tim Miller @ The Unstitute + exhibition opportunities

Thu Oct 16, 2014 14:00 - Sat Nov 15, 2014

The Projection Room: Video Launch

'Interview in Progress'

15th October - 15th November

The Unstitute continues to offer monthly screenings of experimental videos online. This month we take pleasure in presenting the fantastic in-depth situational study 'Interview in Progress' by London-based artist Tim Miller.

Watch 'Interview in Progress': http://theunstitute.org/Projection.Room.html

‘Interview in Progress’ constitutes documentation of a training model developed in collaboration with a role-play training company that examines the construction and commodification of the self within job interview scenarios. Through the medium of film, a forum-theatre training performance is played out as a potential manual for re-scripting behaviour. Actors, acting out the possible realities of audience participants, on-stage, objectify and display increasingly dramatised answers as responses to standard job interview questions, aided by a panel of screenwriters.
Read more: http://theunstitute.org/Screening.Room.Now.Showing.html

If you would like to have your video work considered for a month long online screening: http://theunstitute.org/Screening.Room.Apply.html

Submissions are free!

View past participants at The Projection Room: http://theunstitute.org/Screening.Room.Archive.html


Last chance to see...Stephen Broomer online @ The Unstitute_.

Mon Sep 15, 2014 22:40 - Wed Oct 15, 2014

The Projection Room: last chance to see

'Christ Church - Saint James'

15th September- 15th October

This is your last opportunity to watch the beautiful decay of Stephen Broomer's 'Christ Church - Saint James' (2014) over at The Unstitute. It's online, so all you have to do is just follow the link below to watch time condense, unpack, contort...

"In the spring of 1998, Christ Church – Saint James, an historic black church in Toronto’s Little Italy, was destroyed by arson. All that remained were walls and a pit, and over subsequent years, the site was overtaken with graffiti. This film has taken on the layered form of the site itself, the space and its surfaces becoming tangled and multiple, the grid of a stone-filled window giving geometric form to simultaneously occurring images of concrete, nature, waste, paint, and sky."


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The Unstitute is an Evolving Interactive Environment (EIE) which continuously alters its territories and adapts its nature according to the inclinations of its participants.

The Unstitute offers a variety of open-submission projects as a part of the participation programme. We would like to invite you to get involved in transforming the architecture of The Unstitute. The link to apply is below:



"...drifting towards (x)" an Evolving Interactive Environment @ The Unstitute

Wed Oct 08, 2014 13:35 - Thu Dec 31, 2015


"The filthy carcass of London is still twitching spasmodically. It jerks about like something is still alive inside it, even though everything else has stopped. Everything else has stopped."

David Cameron PM

On the occasion of the passing of the Rubbish Act, 2013, only two Members of Parleyament voted on the bill - The Chancellor Mr Osborne, (who has been sleeping rough on the back benches with several other refugees,) and Mr Cameron himself, who has the only remaining firearm.

Severe rubbish drifts prevented any other Members of Parleyament from gaining access to the House, and therefore the only people to know of the new law's existence are the people still trapped inside the Lower Chamber, like a pocket of methane expelled from a dead body.


"My addiction to following pieces of litter around as they are blown to and fro in the wind often overtakes my walks these days, to the point where I usually cannot tell if I really am the author of my own movements, or whether I follow some long caravan of garbage on its meaningless journey from one dusty corner to the next. Today is no different."

CADE, journal extract

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"See things from the right angle"

"My bed seems to have developed some kind of gravitational or electromagnetic field all of a sudden, because I just cannot get out of it. It only started yesterday I think, but it feels I’ve been stranded here for aeons…a bit like those statues on Easter Island. I’ve tried climbing out, fold by fold, but my desperate struggles just seem to erode the chance of ever being set free..."

Dolly, victim of Evelina Mansions Housing Association SE5

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"Shuffling myself into a spit-ridden corner where I might keep out of the vicious flows and undercurrents passing through the street, I decide to put the toilet under observation."

CADE, journal entry

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Dealing with the city as corpus, CADE explicitly approaches the breakdown of the normal functioning of the metropolis through the digestive tract, examining much as a doctor would the waste products of this body for signs of illness or disturbance.

In CADE’s notes, he explicitly makes the following assertion:


"The health of the whole state can be ascertained by its attitude towards


Chief Curator Prof. Bettany Unction

"In conversation
with CADE"

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