Riaan is one of SA’s most established artists & his paintings and sketches are truly unique in their
style and construction. They bring to us a strong but gentle view of his world and focus on the
nostalgic beauty, movement, pattern and life that are found in the world around us. Many collectors
marveled at the way he confidently commits paint and charcoal to his large canvases.

Van Zyl has worked with many known artists and has been part of many group exhibitions. During
2009 Riaan has done a big exhibition with VEO gallery and showings with Vergelegen, Hazendal and
De Waal wines. He has been chosen as one of the artists for the Brainstorm 2010 Calendar.

A lot of reading, visual research and though goes into every single work. This creates a lot of substance
that I then leave open for the viewers to come to their own conclusions”. Riaan speaks passionately
about his art and with a smile says: “I usually get very much into what I do. I would forget the world
around me and end up being covered in charcoal as much as the canvas”.

Riaan’s approach to sketching and painting is refined and expressionistic. He is concerned with the
movement and quality of marks within his overall compositions. A patchwork of mark making including
stripes, complex lines combine in harmonious brush strokes within his different but
recognized subject matter. Riaan is a member of the 'ART Professionals Worldwide', 'Association of
Art Museum Curators', 'Dubai Business Network', etc. He workes within a closed society of artists in
Kalkbay and has exhibited in Rome, London, St. Ives and leading galleries around the world.

He continues to exhibit regularly both locally and internationally and is currently showing his works in
galleries around Cape Town, Johannesburg and Pretoria. He has recently hosted his very succesfull
15th solo exhibition at the 'African Italian Art gallery' in Kloof street, Cape Town
and is already working on a new (environmental statement) exhibition -'Pulse'

Riaan's work is truly unique in its style and construction. It brings to us a strong but gentle view of his
world and focus on his dedication of becoming the most recognized artist in the world.