A Brief History of (MY) Time By Joseph Baron Pravda

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Born Brooklyn, NY, graduate of the University of Florida College of Journalism, began a career in law in 1971, recruited at that university’s law school for service as a ‘kid’ lawyer with the Federal Government during Watergate, where he immediately ‘Felt’ something was amiss; later as lobbyist and private businessman. He has been a prolific writer in all genres, with an emphasis on short works, including micro-fiction/flash fiction as well as full length and One Act Plays (he often illustrates his own work via storyboarding, etc.; apropos this art-form, of late he is working on a new logo for UNESCO’s DREAM Centers, via www.design21sdn.com ). A 10 page excerpt from his play ‘Patsy’, involving a fated ‘reunion’ of JFK Jr. & the oldest daughter of Lee and Marina Oswald, won him a highly competitive place at the Kennedy Center last summer, with subsequent lifetime privileges at the annual Intensives featuring such literati as Marsha Norman, Steven Dietz, Lee Blessing, et. Al. A cancer survivor, now fully recovered and active as a ‘try’-athlete, he writes full time, having been published in ebook and other electronic media, as well as print; his diversity writing is featured exclusively by the Office of Diversity Initiatives, Office of the President, University of Central Florida website; he resides in New York & Florida.
He is unsure as to why he has written this in the third person, as it eerily reminds him of an obituary, in which case he might be much more famous.

1/June 2006-present: Diversity writing published via exclusive invitation by major university ;
2/July 2006: Chosen as 1 of 19 nationwide for KCPA Playwriting Intensives;
3/March 2007: Play 'Road Scholar' staged by www.teatrodelpueblo.org i its 6th Annual Political Theatre Festival;
4/August 2007: SavMo Productions & www.fullsail.com completed filming of my play 'Self Portrait with Giant Squid', a sendup of Warholian superficiality;
5/August 2008-present: Collaboration with award-winning French-American filmmaker Patrick Barry on various projects: www.bluellamastudios.com;
6/December 2008: Play 'Under the Pillow' selected for staging by San Franciso impresario Marin David;
7/December 2010-present: Collaboration on RejuveNationz Project with Dr. Roger D. Nelson, Ph.D.: noosphere.princeton.edu;
8/February 2011: Finalist, 20th Anniversary Commemorative Pin, Orlando International Fringe Festival';
9/2011: Painting 'Contretemps' included in Lilly Oncology on Canvas biennial national touring exhibition;
10/January 2011: Disquisition on Judah P. Benjamin recommended for publication a la biography by distinguished award-winning Professor of History.