Recess’s mission is to support the creative process of contemporary artists by providing a space for
productive activity and a platform for a partnership with the public. By offering artists flexible work/ exhibition space, artists are given agency to determine the visibility of their work and the parameters of its presentation.

Free of charge and open to the public, Recess facilitates everyday interactions between artists and the
community in order to promote the productive space of the working artist as a site of valuable visual and intellectual interactions. Our endeavors offer critical exposure for the artists we support while fostering an inclusive environment in which artists and the public can engage in a meaningful exchange of art and ideas.

Recess was formed in May 2009 to address concerns that emerging artists cannot afford to live or work
in proximity to exhibition communities. Securing a platform to gain visibility and develop creative goals and a professional career is often a daunting task. The organization was likewise founded to actively respond to changing modes of production. Contemporary artwork, unlike more traditional forms, can be site-specific, performance-based or ephemeral in nature. The traditional gallery space is often unable to accommodate the interactive, process-based artistic production. The artist’s studio is also changing: no longer bound to conventional space, the studio of the contemporary artist is the street, the gallery, or anywhere the practitioner chooses to work. Session was conceived to directly take on the evolving conditions of contemporary art, realizing ambitious projects that don’t always “fit” in the customary context.
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Fri Oct 04, 2013 20:00 - Fri Oct 04, 2013

Brooklyn, New York
United States of America

Recess, along with event chairs Z Behl, Katie Cooper and Gordon Hall, Presents: Nightlight. Held in Pioneer Works’ sprawling garden, Nightlight is Recess’s fall bash to benefit emerging artists.

Come enjoy seasonal whiskey ciders over conversations with past and present Recess artists, view live performances and dance under the night sky.

Performances from Z Behl, ESP TV and Elizabeth Orr - Circular Track.

DJs: D’hana & Amber Valentine.

Tickets are pay what you wish ($20 Suggested donation) until September 20th. All tickets $20 after September 20th. Purchase tickets now! Get them here: http://tinyurl.com/o9yxxqs

Recess has partnered with the on-demand car service, Uber, to offer $20 off your first Uber ride to or from Nightlight on October 4th.

Special thank you to our sponsors: Chatham Imports, Duvel, Michter’s US*1 Sour Mash, Micther’s US*1 Bourbon, Ozwell Cabernet, Pioneer Works, Santa Marina Pinot Grigio, and Uber.


Grey Lines: Jacolby Satterwhite

Sat Aug 17, 2013 15:45 - Sat Oct 12, 2013

New York , New York
United States of America

Middling reception: September 26, 6-8pm
Closing Reception: October 10, 6-8pm

Over the course of his Session, Satterwhite will create a 3D animated video using drawing, CG animation, and improvised and mediated performance. A continuation of The Matriarch’s Rhapsody, the series will continue to employ dance, performance, drawing, video and photos from public and private archives, combining these forms into new possibilities for generating narrative.

Thus far, videos in the series The Matriarch’s Rhapsody, have exclusively employed the artists’ own body as a sole character. For Grey Lines, the artist will invite strangers to perform a series of actions based on a selection of 300 graphite line drawings and become part of the fabric of the larger work. Satterwhite will shoot visitors to the space in a green screen lab as well as offsite on the streets of Soho.


Circular Track: Elizabeth Orr

Wed Aug 07, 2013 16:40 - Sun Oct 06, 2013

Middling Reception: September 12, 6-8pm
Closing Reception: October 3, 6-8pm

For Circular Track, Orr will research the ways in which choreographed movement constructs narrative. Using the tracking shot to explore how representation operates in video, film and performance, Orr will create her own circular track and dolly system while developing a comprehensive understanding of the historical use of the tracking shot. Her Session will culminate in a performance with the circular track along with an exhibition of her research.


In Search of Longitude: David Horvitz; In Search of a Longitude: Penelope Umbrico

Tue Jun 18, 2013 12:00 - Sat Aug 10, 2013

New York, New York
United States of America

For In Search of a Longitude David Horvitz will use Recess's Soho space to explore notions of standardized time, synchronicity and particularities of place through a series of projects, presentations, performances and experiments.

Middling Reception: July 18, 6-Sunset
Closing Reception: August 8, 6-Sunset


Citizen Bridge: Nancy Nowacek

Fri May 10, 2013 00:00 - Sat Jul 27, 2013

Brooklyn, New York
United States of America

May 10- July 30, 2013
Middling Reception: June 22, 4-6pm
Closing Reception: July 27, 4-6pm

On May 10th Nancy Nowacek will begin a new chapter in her project Citizen Bridge as part of Recess’s signature program, Session. Session invites artists to use Recess’s public space as studio, exhibition venue, and grounds for experimentation. Over the course of her Session, Nowacek will design, create and test a series of prototypes for an eventual footbridge that crosses the Upper New York Bay waterway between Red Hook, Brooklyn and Governor’s Island.

The bridge will cross the waterway known as Buttermilk Channel. Now one of New York’s major shipping channels, this waterway was once accessible to dairy farmers and their livestock during low tide. A love song to Brooklyn’s waterfront, Nowecek’s work seeks to restore this pathway. Citizen Bridge pays tribute to the city’s past and draws connections to the lives of contemporary Brooklynites. The bridge aspires to reclaim the waterfront and empower New Yorkers, offering them the opportunity to step from solid ground onto water.

Since Hurricane Sandy this symbolic act of waterfront reclamation has gained a new urgency. As Nowacek investigates the physical properties of her prototype, she will also navigate the opaque realm of city planning and government agencies. The bureaucratic web through which Nowacek has guided the project over the past year will not only play a practical role in the project’s approval but will serve as conceptual fodder in considering access to urban space.

At stages throughout her Session, Nowacek will ceremoniously transport her prototypes from the Recess project room to the Red Hook waterfront in order to test the bridge. Through these projects and experiments, Nowacek will produce a fully realized design by the end of her Session.

About the Artist:

Nancy Nowacek’s work is rooted in the ecology of the everyday: the processes, codes, values, and habits of life. Her practice is focused on the uses of the body as relates to work, architecture and the practice of space. She has shown in New York, the Bay Area, Los Angeles, Canada and Europe. Nancy has an MFA in Social Practice from California College of Arts and is certified in personal training by the National Academy of Sports Medicine. She lives in Brooklyn.