My name is Randal Forbes and I like customizing my windows 7.
Windows 7 to Windows 8 Transformation Pack – 8 Skin Pack for 7

Windows 8 Transformation Pack For Windows 7 – 8 Skin Pack for 7 will make your desktop look exactly the same as the new windows 8. It has visual styles like the leaked screenshots and third party apps that have been developed to provide users with the expected Windows 8 features. You will feel what is to use windows 8 even before it has been released.

8 Skin Pack for 7 Includes:

- The new “betta” fish boot screen.
- A brand new login screen.
- New start screen.
- New Windows 8 logo.
- New start button.
- Custom metro visual style.
- New desktop backgrounds.
- Taskbar user picture tile.
- Metro caption buttons (minimize, maximize and close buttons).
- New window borders.
- New shell style.
- New installer.
- New add mosaic feature.
- New about Windows box.
- Metro navigation buttons
- Supported on both 32bit and 64bit OS and lots more.