Gertie Levi

Singing is for all ages. That is what has produced karaoke so popular. It appeals to all age groups.

The wonderful factor about karaoke is the fact that we learn how nicely, or not so well, we can sing. If our repertoire before attempting to sing karaoke was singing in the bath, we can really feel proud that we really attempted a song in public.

Getting produced that first attempt (and not remembering how badly we sang due entirely to the 15 pints of lager!) we will maybe attempt to sing after only having two or 3 pints at the next opportunity.

If you want to make a career singing, you're going to need to try and break that psychological barrier and be the first up with out a drink.

In the event you have taken the Singing course, you will know you are great enough. Not only that, but you'll have learned that the alcohol is really a bigger barrier to your singing nicely than your nerves.

The Singing course isn't free, but afterwords just 1 or two gigs will recoup the money for you. That is how well a singer can get paid.