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Politique 0

Sat Oct 02, 2010 00:00 - Tue Sep 28, 2010


1-2-3 OCTOBER 2010

French Communist Party Headquarters
2, Place du Colonel Fabien - Paris
M° Colonel Fabien

Free Entrance.

Friday 1st october, 18:00 - 00:00
Saturday 2nd october, 10:00 - 00:00
Sunday 3rd october, 10:00 - 20:00

Detailled program online


Streamed on room #44.

Friday 18:00 - 00:00
Screening "R.I.P. in Pieces America", by Dominic Gagnon, followed by a discussion with the author.
UBERMORGEN.COM, "Media Hacking vs. Conceptual Art"
Jodi, performance
Pierre Bongiovanni and I-Wei Li, "Squirt Without Barrier"

Saturday 11:00 - 00:00
Franco Bifo Berardi
Katharina Klotz, "On political gestures into the GDR/BRD"
Ivana Dragsic, "Skopje 2014 - A past we never had. Deconstruction of macedonian government propaganda"
Yves Citton, "Politique des pressions sous horizon d’insoutenable"
Honf, "Circle of Satan 2.0"
Fusibles, "Circuits automatiques"
Matteo Lucchetti, "Practing Memory. An exhibition."
Paul Willemsen, "Visibility vs. Hegemony"
Société Réaliste, "Tarif d'entrée"
Réseaux - Influence - Décision : La vision opérationnelle d'un acteur du lobbying et de l'influence
Samon Takahashi, "Révolutions Per Minute (résistance, lutte des classes et contestation
dans les musiques expérimentales des années 60 aux années 80)"
Wunderlitzer, "Multiplicity + saturation"

Sunday 11:00 - 20:00
Jean-Marc Manach, "Police de la pensée"
Sophie Gosselin and David gé Bartoli
Anne Morelli, "Propagandes de guerre"
Luc Boltanski
Olivier Voirol
Julie Sedel
Screening of "Political Advertisement VI, 1952 - 2008", by Antoni Muntadas and Marshall Reese, followed by a discussion with the artists.



LE DISPOSITIF (Thomas Bertay and Pacôme Thiellement), Programme d'orientation, d'explicitation et de conditionnement, 2010
Benoît Durandin and Alexandre Xanthakis, "Siège (planches climats contre architectures)", 2010
Jodi, "Paris \_\_\_\_\_as seen on Google\_ \_\_\_R(o)N\_\_\_\_\_\_D(o)S\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_", 2010
Ricardo Mbarkho, "Digital visuals from Lebanon", 2008
Antoni Muntadas et Marshall Reese, "Political Advertisement VI, 1952-2008", 2008
Société Réaliste, "Tribute to Courbet", 2010
Samon Takahashi, "Pâté de campagne"
UBERMORGEN.ORG, "[V]ote-Auction, Bringing capitalism & democracy closer togehter!", 2006


During the whole event.

Dominic Gagnon, "DATA", 2010
Dominic Gagnon, "R.I.P. in Pieces America", 2002
Harun Farocki and Andrei Ujica, "Videogramme einer Revolution", 1992
Juliana Borinski, "Stadthimmelskörper", 2010
Guillaume Linard-Osorio, "Os candagos (manufacturers)", 2010

"Deframing. Political economies and artistic strategies of dissent"
Selection by ARGOS centre for art & media,
with :
Charley Case, "Friday, June 18, 1999, City of London", 1999
Tzu Nyen Ho, "4 x 4 - Episodes of Singapore Art: Episode 3 - Tang Da Wu", 2005
Gert Verhoeven, "Bustutai", 2003

Selection by Les Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin/Madrid,
with :
Manuel Saiz, "Upwards compatible", 2002
Peter Downsbrough, "A]PART", 2009
Hans Op de Beeck, "Staging Silence", 2009
Jean-Luc Vilmouth, "White Building", 2005
Philippe Terrier-Herman, "The Pride of Siam", 2005

And a selection of documents.


On Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd of October
Free Entrance, with reservation:
Detailled program online.

"Qu'est-ce qu'un collectif ?" by Béatrice Rettig, Timothée Nay and Omnes Efflam
"Media Hacking Strategies" by UBERMORGEN.COM - Hans Bernhard
"Cahier de doléances\_ jour 0" de Mo Y / Katerina Chrysanthopoulou et Benoît Durandin


During the whole event.

With "Spots Electorales"
by Jorge Luis Marzo and Arturo Fito Rodríguez
Publication and DVD, 2008

Books, magazines, blogs, articles...
Éditions MF, Zones, Lignes, les revues Cassandre/Horschamp, Multitudes, Le Tigre, Vacarme, ...


POLITIQUE 0 is organized by Upgrade! Paris, Éditions MF and RYbN

/ Partners : french Communist Party, hosts the event at Espace Niemeyer;; Selfworld.
/ Supported by the french Culture and Communication Ministry; Pro Helvetia, swiss arts council; Ile-de-France Region.
Thanks to Ars Longa, artkillart, Art Of Failure, Dokidoki, HeHe, V-Atak, Vision'R...



Sun Jun 20, 2010 00:00 - Fri Jun 11, 2010


• YKON-GAME arrives in Paris ! •

We invite you to play a game with us on the 20th june at Eof Galery from 14h to 19h.

The YKON Game is a world simulation game for up to 30 players. It's based on a simple thought experiment: imagine that the world is brought to a complete halt. Everything stops. No more business as usual. With the world frozen, you and your fellow players can tinker with it as you please. What will you change? How do you convince others to go along with your changes? And what about the consequences?

Through the 1960's, Buckminster Fuller was developing the "World Game". It was to be his masterplan for the planet Earth: a tool that would formulate a comprehensive, design science approach to all the problems of the world. Inspired by the ideas of Fuller, we have developed the YKON Game, a more poetic perspective on the future of our world.

Instead solving the problems that we know, The YKON Game seeks to uncover the ideas that we're still missing -- sometimes wonderful, sometimes terrifying thoughts that could forever alter the world, and the way we live in it. For its players, the game poses an existential challenge: they will have to think about what kind of world they truly want.

So come and change the world. You don't need to be an expert: everyone is welcome.

• Date and location •
Sunday June 20th 2010, from 2 to 7pm

Eof Gallery
15 rue Saint Fiacre - Paris 2
M° Grands Boulevards

• Registration •
Free entrance on registration, contact : info at
The game is run in English and French. It will be played from 2 to 7, then a debriefing and friendly food & drinks break before the Mal au Pixel opening event. The proposed scenarios will be documented and added to the Ykon Game corpus (already 9 parties so far).

We are seeking for different kind of participants: gamers, teenagers, artists, social transformation thinkers and activists, or people curious about it…



YKON is a non-profit advocacy group for unrepresented nations, experimental countries and utopian thinkers. The disseminiation and production of knowledge on such fragile entities through co-operation between the arts and all other fields of study is a key interest of YKON. Group fusion, curiosity about utopian fantasy productions, and interest in the emergence and drying-up of alternative architectures of society unite its membership.



Sun Jun 27, 2010 00:00 - Fri Jun 11, 2010


2010, June 20 to 27
Paris, France

Mal au Pixel festival is looking at connecting technology, urban electronics and social transformation issues, and to investigate our contemporary beliefs. The festival brings together young digital artists and unconventionnal electronics: unexpected technologies, prototypes and open ended events.

For its fifth edition, Mal au Pixel further explores environmental issues and looks at the signals coming from the South, through initiatives from the worldwide DIY community.



Opening on June 21st, 18h :

Ars Longa Gallery • exhibition dates : June 21 to July 17
67 avenue Parmentier, Paris 11
Circlemakers, « fluctuat nec mergitur »

Opening on June 22nd, 18h-22h :

BenJ Gallery • exhibition dates : June 22 to 27
56 rue Saint-Sébastien, Paris 11
Jean Katambayi Mukendi | Ashok Sukumaran & Shaina Anand

Nuitdencre Gallery • exhibition dates : June 22 to 27
64 rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud, Paris 11
Yuri Suzuki | Thomas Bégin

Mycroft Gallery • exhibition dates : June 22 to 27
13 ter rue Ternaux, Paris 11
Refarm | Andreas Siagian


Eof Gallery • Sunday June 20 • 14h-19h
15 rue Saint-Fiacre, Paris 2

from June 21 to 25 • 14h-19h


Centre Mercoeur • June 19 • 19h-0h • 5€
4 rue Mercoeur, Paris 11 - in collaboration with I-R-L
David Blair | Oran Outan | Laurent Chambert | Kro de la Bestiole

Eof Gallery • June 20 • 20h-0h • free entrance
15 rue Saint-Fiacre, Paris 2
Marko Timlin | Yann Leguay | Giwrgos Poulios | Fabriquedecouleurs

Dokidoki party • La Java • June 24 • 21h-4h • 6€
105 Rue du Faubourg du Temple, Paris 10
Scorpion Violente | Niwouiwouin | Marc Nostromo [M-.-n] | Fred Nipi | Elvis Trauma Center | Hassan K. |

Le Chat Noir • June 25 • 21h-0h • 4€
76, Rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud, Paris 11
Derek Holzer | Circlemakers | Jérôme Poret

La Générale Nord Est • June 26 • 21h-0h • free entrance
14 avenue Parmentier, Paris 11
Jerôme Noetinger | Vincent Epplay | Thomas Bégin


Udo Bar • from June 21 to 27 • 18h30-2h • free entrance
4bis rue Neuve Popincourt, Paris 11
Malaupixel djs - 22h


Le 104 • June 26 • 14h-19h
104 rue d'Aubervilliers - 5 rue Curial, Paris 19
with : Michel Tibon Cornillot | Sophie Gosselin | Frederic Neyrat | Emilie Hache | ...

Le 104 • June 27 • 14h-19h
104 rue d'Aubervilliers - 5 rue Curial, Paris 19
with : Okno | Trias Culture | Ker Thiossane | TMPLab | HONF | CRAS | APO33 | ReFarm the City | DakarLug | ...


With the support of : Ministère de la Culture / DICRÉAM, Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie, Conseil des Arts du Canada, Ville de Paris, Mu-Audiosound, AVEK-Finlande, Pixelache, Dokidoki éditions

Mal au Pixel is part of the Pixelache Network :