Panagiotis Tomaras is a multimedia artist working on 3D video projection mapping, photography, film, spatialized sound and light environments. Graduate of Photography and Audiovisual Arts department of Technological Educational Institute of Athens and post-graduate in Digital Arts and Film (MA) program of Athens School of Fine Arts and ArtScience Interfaculty (Mmus) program of Royal Conservatorium, Royal Academy of Arts and Leiden University of the Netherlands. His projects investigating the visual medium and the sound experiences.
He has commissioned for theater visuals, commercial teasers, motion graphics and has participated and awarded in several festivals and competitions. Since 2012 he has been curating the Athens Video Art Festival and has been giving workshops in video mapping techniques.He lives and works in the Hague [NL] and Athens [GR].

Selected festivals and exhibitions:

Het Wander van Eindhoven Festival 2013 [NL], 7 IN OUT Festival 2013 [PL], Screen & Sound Fest 2013 [PL], C.A.S.S. Evenings 2013 [NL], 18th Athens International Film Festival 2012 [GR], The Lighthouse Festival 2012 [NL], L.A. Short Film Festival 2012 [GR], Athens Video Art Festival 2012 [GR], RE-culture 1 2012 [GR], DARK SIDE // BRIGHT SIDE 2012 [NL], All Against Odds Project: Ethics / Aesthetics 2011 [GR], 1st Digital Film Festival 2011 [GR], Athens Video Art Festival 2011 [GR], Kappatos ROOMS 2010 [GR], Athens Photo Festival 2010 [GR], Festival Encontros da Imagem 2010 [PT], Photo Biennale 2010 [GR], Athens Video Art Festival 2010 [GR], MIR Festival 2010 [GR], E.CU.ME. 2010 [TR], Athens Photo Festival 2009 [GR].

Nominations & awards:

7 IN OUT Festival 2013 [PL], Screen & Sound Fest 2013 [PL], 18th Athens International Film Festival 2012 [GR], +HIP Prize 2012 [NL], 1st Digital Film Festival Award 2011 [GR], Arts Contest “Awards 2010” [GR], Photography competition GD4PhotoArt 2009 [IT], Young Photographers Awards KPE 2008 [GR].