Gerardo Contreras is an architect and independent curator based in Mexico City.

In 2008 he founded PRETEEN GALLERY, an experimental curatorial project which began in Hermosillo, Mexico and in 2011 relocated to Mexico City

In 2010 Contreras began the PRETEEN TWITTER PROJECT that has summoned fans around the world by questioning curatorial etiquette. He is also the founder of the LaToya Jackson School of Art.

Since 2008, Contreras has organized 33 exhibitions, including both established and emerging international artist's which include: Die Tödliche Doris, Petra Cortright, Assume Vivid Astro Focus, AIDS-3D, Peter Sutherland, Terence Koh, Angelo Plessas, Artie Vierkant, Carlos Laszlo, Abdul Vas, Anne de Vries, Bea Fremderman, Jacob Ciocci, Ben Jones, Brian Kokoska, Animal Charm (Richard Bott and Jim Fetterly), Radamés "Juni" Figueroa, Martin Kohout, Yoshi Sodeoka, Mario Zoots, Laura Brothers, Nicolas Sasson, Dean Sameshima, Marecelo Krasilcic.

Gerardo Contreras curatorial work has been featured in publications such as Baku (Russia), Spike (Austria), Dazed & Confused, Tomo (Mexico), and blogs such as Geometrie Variable (Belgium), Dazed Digital, Vice, La Tempestad, RHIZOME, SuperSuper and Centre for The Aesthetic Revolution.

Most Recently, Preteen Gallery’s Twitter project was mentioned in Frieze Best of 2011 and Petra Cortright’s solo show ‘SO WET’ was listed as one of the best shows of 2011 in Rhizome. Preteen Gallery was recently featured in New Museum's 'Art Spaces Directory'.