PLEXUS is a monthly lecture/performance series in Upper Manhattan. Our goal is to spark lively discussion in a fun and inclusive setting. These events open a space for discourse outside of the academy; our goal is to drain "intellectualism" of its exclusive connotation. Once a month we invite speakers who work at the margins of their disciplines, blurring divisions between fields of knowledge that are partitioned in learning institutions. There's also beer. Past presenters include artist Melodie Provenzano, neuroscientist Carl Schoonover, and documentary filmmaker Isabel Castro.

We are hosted with the generosity of Chashama 461 Gallery in Harlem. All our programming is free and open to the public.
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Spring '12 exhibit: Trace/Tracking

Sat Dec 31, 2011 14:30

A person’s location has less to do with physical signifiers than the streams of
data by which existence is registered. Cell-phone GPS, credit card swipes, and
IP addresses constitute an accurate record of a person’s daily life. This
exhibit calls for work that explores the impact of such data on physical
integrity, and the state of compromised privacy into which a contemporary
citizen must enter. How can artistic practice subvert these apparently
threatening information systems, or, in equal measure, capitalize on their
possibilities? Looking for work in all media that demonstrates resistance or
complicity with the overwhelming capabilities of information technology.
Show to take place in April or May of 2012. Limited funds allotted for exhibition
costs. Venue space TBA, in Manhattan/Brooklyn area.