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Square Inches of Love - Open Call for Submissions until Exhibition Space is Full

Tue Dec 31, 2013 12:00

OPeX studios, an L.A. architectural design company, invites you to Share your Creativity in Square Inches of Love. The Square Inches of Love project has the novel ambition to weave the digital and physical worlds through the mediums of architecture and design into a demonstration of the effect the digital revolution and increased virtual world interactions are having on the very concept of “space” and its use. The project’s perceived size and an open participation means of data collection will also demonstrate the power of collective creativity and the ability of virtual efforts to render great outcomes towards a socially sustainable future. In this project’s design, the model generates multiple levels of value from collected contributions which spans across business, pleasure, creativity, expression, education & philanthropy. See what happens with submissions, view renderings of the touring physical exhibition to be created from collected submissions, and decide what you would like to contribute.


Design for the smallest parcel of "real estate" ever!!!

Mon Oct 31, 2011 00:00

United States of America

Design for the smallest parcel of "real estate" ever!!!

In an effort to redefine the very basic concept of space we’re offering you the chance to take 20 square inches of "real estate" to let your ideas run wild. Each entry is limited to only 20 square inches of space, but multiple entries are allowed. (1$ per square inch for the total of $20)

Your entries will share "real estate" with individuals (designer + non-designer), companies, advertisers, and people from all walks of life as a part of our “Square Inches of Love” project. We will accept registeration / submission until the assigned deadlines or until we run out of square inches on our 1000 by 1000 square inch grid.
Every single entry will be published on the online grid, on the physical “quilt” and on the “List of Love”.
We’re calling the final public exhibition a “quilt” for now, however, your submissions will inspire the eventual form.

The winning entry will receive additional publication along with other prize values, to be announced.
The jurors for the competition will be announced after October 31.

The evaluation of the proposals will be focused on their innovation + creativity.

Parameters to consider:

The main concept is the out-of-the-box definition / speculation for SPACE.
Think of this as a space for:
-    designing
-    making a statement
-    speculating about the future
-    challenging the issues of boundaries + negotiation
-    public interaction
-    open dialogue
-    advertisement
-    collapsing the virtual + real worlds
-    social movement
-    educating the general public about the power of design
-    making a mark on a monumental object

Design for ADAPTABILITY + for the project’s IMPLANTATION in an urban environment.