Nicholas Chistiakov, (born 3 November 1981). Nicholas is a Conceptual artist, curator and painter.

Nicholas is the only son of Irina and Alexander Chistiakov, a Minsk middle class family. A Great-grandfather of the artist - Alexander Staszewski served as Minister of Justice of Belorussian Soviet Republic in the Joseph Stalin post-revolutionary era. He was accused of espionage for Poland and then arrested and executed in 1937. Alexander was one of the developers of the first Soviet Personal Computer. At age of nine, Nicholas entered the Minsk Art Lyceum. Since 2000 Nicholas had been at the Belarusian State Academy of Arts. Already at that time Nicholas main interest was painting, that was induced by works of French Impressionists. Unfortunately, Nicholas could see these works only in catalogs and reproductions.

In 2003, Nicholas’ father won the Green Card, which gave a chance to immigrate to the United States and the whole family moved to New York. The first years of life in New York were very difficult, but Nicholas was able to see a huge variety of greatest artworks. These experiences undoubtedly affected his new works which were still impressionistic in nature. In 2004, Nicholas had some time to work as a designer in a sign company, that later reflected in his creative work. Pure impressionism that had characterized the early work of Nicholas was replaced by cold photorealism, dominated by the harsh rhythms. The works appear technical virtuosity.

In 2005 Nicholas met his girlfriend in Germany, where they take every opportunity to find motives for new works. The artist started use photography extensively. He made hundreds of pictures, one of them was photo of a girl in a museum and this image started of a new cycle of paintings.

By 2007, Nicholas Chistiakov collected enough pieces for his first personal exhibition – “Time and Measures”, which took place in a New York gallery Behr-Thyssen ltd. Only one painting sold during the exhibition, but later on all of the remaining pictures were sold. After the exhibition, the stress accumulated during the last years of his life makes itself known. He even had to spend some time in a psychiatric hospital. This period of Nicholas’ life gave a fresh start of his artistic creativity. Nicholas created a cycle of figurative paintings close in something to the paintings of Francis Bacon and to the state of psychosis in which he found himself after the show.

The artist's works radiate perverse sexuality, the criteria of morality in the modern world, existential aimlessness of life and death, sometimes cynical satire exposing the crisis of modernity. In his art, the artist is searching for a visual complexity of the composition effects, symbols, the aesthetics of sensation and shock and an exquisite color harmonies.

Nicholas most significant works include: Hysteria (2009), Midday Suicide (2009), The Red Room (2009), Presence (2009), the Last Judgment (2007-2010), Portrait of Charles Saatchi (2013). The artist's works have been exhibited at a number of international exhibitions. The artist's works held in private collections in New York (USA), Moscow (Russia), Minsk (Belarus), Stockholm (Sweden), United Kingdom, Istanbul (Turkey).