M4 User Convention brings together MAX software users at Leicester’s Phoenix Square
For the first time in the UK, Phoenix Square in Leicester will be hosting an international conference for artists, musicians, students and teachers to explore software which enables the development of unique sounds, stunning visuals and engaging interactive media.
Running from the 13-14th January from 10am - 6.30pm, the M4 Users Convention will bring together users of the popular programming software MAX, and its related programmes MSP, Jitter and Max for Live. The conference will be the first convention of its type held outside the US and will feature a keynote address by David Zicarelli, founder of Cycling ’74, the Californian company behind the software, as well as presentations and workshops from a range of international speakers. There will also be exhibitions and performances open to the public. Full details of the event are at
With its straightforward building-block approach to programming, MAX software enables people across a wide variety of disciplines to create exciting new work - musicians can create unique sound-making tools and instruments; artists can build installations which respond to viewer interaction; and exhibition designers can create educational exhibits which engage museum customers.