Even though he is in love with Sao Paulo, Lobo lived many years out of his home town. “The experience of knowing different places and, integrating yourself to them expands your mind to new perspectives.” The diversity of situations the artist was exposed to, helped to develop one of his main characteristics: versatility. Lobo experimented with many painting techniques and different materials, as well as sculpting and interior design.
He is a great admirer of the art of Burton Morris, Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, Peter Max, Roy Lichtenstein and Jackson Pollock. In the past few years, Lobo’s style naturally evolved into Pop Art. “I believe that even being a part of a well defined classification of style, an artist can transmit much of his personality and state of being to his art, making it unique.”
Even though Lobo has been a publicist since the 90’s and worked in marketing agencies, he never thought about exploring his art commercially. But, after painting for a few friends, the demand for his art grew. Today, Lobo has sold over 800 paintings in Brazil and in other countries such as Argentina, United States, Canada, Mexico, Italy and Uruguay. “Art is universal. It crosses borders, doesn’t matter its origin. It is like music and cinema, where I get my inspiration from, it has power to transmit messages to other places.”