Leroy Brothers is an art brand created by the three brothers Leroy.

Nicolas (°1979) and Gregory (°1975) stand in for the creative part and the production of artworks, while Gilles (°1978) is focusing on showing the work to the world.

They have been active as a team for over 10 years in Europe and are establishing their presence in Asia since 2008.

Artistic tools for their art production evolved from painting to photography, animation, marketing, branding and Internet.

A constant theme in the work of the Leroy Brothers is the questioning of the position and the role of the artist. Artists are getting more and more corporate. They recrute specialized employees and easily make use of external services to produce work. The individuality of the artist stays vital, but is backed by a team of professionals and assistants. It isn’t enough to come up with a good idea. The realization of it and the follow-up is at least as important. Therefore, today’s artist needs entrepreneurship and leadership more than ever. Not only a creative mind…

They currently work and live in Shanghai (China) & Ghent (Belgium).
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Leroy Brothers' BDRtist (Be The Artist)

Sat Dec 31, 2011 11:15

Art is always aiming for the next big thing and this time you can be part of it! 
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