Kelsey Sucena
Works in mastic beach, New York United States of America

My name is Kelsey Sucena and I am an aspiring photographer .

-I have won several awards for my work, including an Honorable Mention in the Photographers Forums 2011-2012 Annual College and High School Photography competition.

-My work has been published in Textbooks (Best of College and High school Photography 2012, Magazines (William Floyd High school Enigma Literary magazine 2010+2011), featured on soda labels, and used in numerous publications for the National Park Service.

-So why do I pursue photography? Well simply: I was born in Hawai'i and grew up a world away, here in New York. For years my only dim memories of my homeland have been old and forgotten photographs. These photographs are my inspiration; they show me that even so far away, through photography, we can all always be home. This is my passion, creating moments and homes we can live in forever, and that is why i pursue it.

-Today though I live happily in New York, I dream of the day I return home. I work seasonally as a National Park Service Ranger for Fire Island National Seashore, and I could not have a greater job.

-In the meantime I wish to present my work to the world. To share experience and to create opportunities for more to come.

-I attend Purchase College, SUNY, New York