Haythem Zakaria is a Tunisian artist currently living in France. He draws his inspiration as much from Suffi thought as from subversive visual techniques such as the glitch technique, meta-image, or cine process, orienting them towards experimentation with generative devices in real time.

As such he explores processes aiming at augmenting the image by incorporating, grafting or superimposing visual or sound indications, probing the visual creation by working on the proliferation of the image and its regeneration in visual partitions.

Exploiting the intermediality of his discipline, he proposes unique visual creations and interactive installations, multiplying and welcoming artistic exchanges, encounters and collaborations in the meanwhile. Haythem Zakaria works with visual artists such as Nicolas Gimbert and often collaborates with sound artists. His encounter with Emmanuel Mailly, both a composer and performer, in a fusion of both worlds: visual and sound, has allowed for the creation of a common A/V language. It is as a result of this collaboration that the first triptych of Meta-project was born. Meta-project is a number of performances the advancement of which is still in process.

He is also leading an image training and education workshop where he adopts a pedagogical approach to the study of live cinema and object oriented cinematography.