There are correct ways on how conscious people about heath issues can deal themselves.It is vital to know on how to compute fat percentage status in the body.Individuals cannot see by natural eyes the fats in the body.Knowing how much is the percentage of fat in the body that need to keep and how much fats that needed to take off is with the use of medical apparatus.Know that the overall status of a person�s health depends upon the fat percentage and this affects body weight.Human healthy body weight is can be obtain through calculating fats in the body. There is only one reason why a person is having a heavy weight than the required normal weight.Fats are the main reason why there are so many individuals today are having a hard time to have the best body shape and best body weight they are aiming.To get healthy body fat percentage, it is very vital to learn the required percentage of fat in your body considering your age and height.If you don�t have any idea about the status of fats in your body, consult a medical professional to help you.While in a diet program, consider using fat calculator to know if you are in your way of having healthy body fat percentage. Walking is the simplest way to still burn fats and lets a person participate in diet even in working days.The good thing about calories burned walking is that it does not need fitness equipments but can be done even at workplace or going to some short destination.Doing calories burned walking activities are can be done everyday even just a simple walk to the workplace or to some place with a good view.It only takes few minutes to do calories burned walking.Doing calories burned walking does not require a whole day round just to have a good effect.Simple walking and a little sweat everyday is a great help for losing fat.