Boyd Branch

Boyd M. Branch has been an MCCD Adjunct Faculty in Performance since 2009, teaching classes in modern drama, text analysis, and acting. As a cross- disciplinary theatre artist and scholar he has worked both in the Netherlands and Arizona specializing in contemporary European drama and digital performance. In Europe he was a resident member of the mime troupe Bodydismorphic and published research on Dutch theatre for adolescents.

As a professional digital media designer and theatre director he has worked with local, national, and international dance and theatre companies exploring the boundaries of digital media and live performance. Notable local companies he has directed and designed for include Arizona Jewish Theatre Company, Black Theatre Troupe, Phoenix Theatre, ASU, Space 55, as well as Scottsdale Community College.

Most recently Boyd co-founded the Blue Bike Kid Show, a science and technology themed touring production company and web series aimed at inspiring local kids to get excited about S.T.E.M. Boyd holds a Master’s degree in Theatre Studies from the University of Utrecht, and a Bachelor’s degree from ASU. He is working on a second Master’s degree in Interdisciplinary Digital Media and Performance from ASU. He is a Fulbright scholar.