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OMG Aferro Auction Art Party

Sat Jun 20, 2009 00:00 - Wed Jun 17, 2009

The very first Gallery Aferro Art Benefit
Preview June 19, 6 - 8 PM
June 20th, 7 - 10 PM

Gallery Aferro
73 Market St
Newark NJ

For one night only unique artworks by emerging and established artists are available for sale at prices that will enlarge or establish your collection. Delight a friend or colleague with the gift of artwork. Browse gift items, crafts and antiques, chat with artists and artisans in your community, and enjoy live entertainment, drinks and locally made treats.

All proceeds will be used to cover the costs of finalizing our 501c3 status as a nonprofit organization and expanding the range of programs that we offer. A belief in locating and sharing resources was instrumental in our decision to create Gallery Aferro. This belief in the primacy of intellectual and physical resources continues to guide and inform the gallery's progress. We need to ask for your help to sustain our artist-run organization and truly fulfill the possibilities inherent in these ideas.

Silent auction of artworks by

Alicia Ackerman
Gema Alava
Jamie R. Allen
Mauro Altamura
Nelson Alvarez
Janice Anderson
Keliy Anderson-Staley
Ludwig Anton
Les Ayre
LaThoriel Badenhausen
Gregg Beckett
Anonda Bell
Katrina Bello
Michael Betancourt
Gianluca Bianchino
Tom Block
Eve + Bowie
Sarah Bliss
Jeanne Brasile
Mona Brody
Laura Bruce
Lorna Barrowclough
Deric Carner
Patricia Cleary
Margarida Correia
William Corwin
Cicely Cottingham
Lowell Craig
Patricia Dahlman
Kevin Darmanie
Michael Davies
Evonne M. Davis
Suzanne Dell Orto
Wyndi DeSouza
Steven Dressler
Aganetha Dyck
Aristide Econompoulos
Kathryn Eddy
Dahlia Elsayed
Sheik Fall
Alyssa Fanning
Johnathan Franco
Asha Ganpat
Beth Gilfilen
Matt Gosser
Seth Goodwin
Brian Gustafson
Marion Held
Peter Herley
Joann Kott Hughes
Bradley Lucas Hyppa
Steve Jaskowak
Rebecca Jampol
Ellen Jantzen
Katarina Jerinic
Melissa Marie Johnson
Darren Jones
Yomi Karade
Jayson Keeling
Kathy Kissik
Nick Kline
Hiroshi Kumagi
Robert Lach
Nadine LaFond
Jessica Lagunas
Barbara Landes
Valeri Larko
Jim Legge
Joan Pamboukes + Peter Lester
Abby Levine
Carrie Levy
Michelle Loughlin
Lara Loutrel
Tami Lynn
Gayle Mahoney
Karen Margolis
John Maters
Tim Maul
Rene Mayorga
Jen Mazza
Zoe McCloskey
Kaitlin McDonough
Aaron McElroy
Anne McKeown
Steve McKenzie
Bud McNichol
Vikki Michalios
Roni Mocan
Lydia Moyer
Owen Mundy
Michelle Mumoli
Marco Munoz
Margaret Murphy
Stefanie Nagorka
Hyo Jeong Nam
Judy Negron
Paula Neto
Ruth Bauer Neustadter
Leah Oates
Kathryn Okeson
William A. Ortega
Joan Pamboukes
Jason Paradis
Anne Percoco
Meridith Pingree
Kelly Ann Pinho
Luisa Pinzon
Ana Portela
Jim Prez
Elisa Pritzker
Jae Quinlan
Anil CS Rao
Ryan Roa
Saul Robbins
Kara Rooney
Rodolfo Rojas Rocha
Tara Raye Russo
Alexandria Sandow-Black
Roger Sayre
Irys Schenker
Ryan Schroeder
DC Smith
Nisha Sondhe
Jenna Spevack
Laurinda Stockwell
Helen Stummer
Stan Sudol
Ian Summers
Charlee Swanson
Aileen Tat
Kelly Vetter
Kai Vierstra
Joe Waks
Barbara Wallace
Alyssa Walker
Tracy Watt
Emma Wilcox
Andrew Wilkinson
Tom Wilson
Mark Wojcik
Eric Wolfe
Sara Wolfe
Marnie Yates

and many other local, national and international artists.

Raffle Items and Door Prizes!

Art Vending Machine by Asha Ganpat
$1/miniatures, participatory art

Live entertainment by:

Nadine LaFond of Swampadelica with friends
Eldad Tarmu
and others

2nd Fl Art Yard Sale/Flea Market:

Antiques and original gifts by local artisans including
Jypsea, Rocinante Press, Blue Moon Productions, rbc by Sofia and Paula
and others

Please join us!

Evonne M. Davis + Emma Wilcox
Gallery Aferro, Newark, NJ


Art Kitchen
Harvest Table
Newark Art Supply
StepOn to Design LLC
Sushi Tango

* with optional french toast and mimosa brunch for two with the artist.



Fri Jun 19, 2009 00:00

United States of America

Curated by Evonne M. Davis
Sept. 11 - Oct. 10, 2009
Deadline: June 19th, 2009

Artists working in any and all media are invited to submit existing work, or propose new work, in response to the following:

How do we create and recreate ourselves around our spaces and environments? Does the shape of our internal lives reflect the shape of the structures that surround us? How does the health of the environment affect the emotional and spiritual health of our communities? Has the wealth of technological advancements of the last 50 years changed how we organically process thought and emotion?

tectonic |tekˈtänik|
adjective: 1) Geology of or relating to the structure of the earth's crust and the large-scale processes that take place within it. 2) of or relating to building or construction.

DEADLINE JUNE 19th, 2009 5:00 pm
(This is not a postmark deadline.)

Where to Submit: or
Evonne M. Davis
c/o Tectonic Exhibit
248 Sherman Avenue #43
New York, NY 10034

How to Submit:
To apply please send the following material:
Up to 10 images.
Image list with titles, dimensions, media, year and price.
An artist statement.
Please make sure your name is on all of your material, including CD's and DVD's.
If you would like your material returned to you please include a SASE, other wise we will keep your material on file for future consideration.

The Arts Guild of Rahway is a non-profit center for the arts located at 1670 Irving St. at Seminary Avenue in the Downtown Arts District of the City of Rahway. Our exhibits aim to present an overview of current or enduring trends and directions in contemporary art.

Evonne M. Davis is cofounder of Gallery Aferro and Gallery Director of City Without Walls, both in Newark, NJ. Evonne has curated over 30 affiliated and independent exhibits in the past 10 years, most recently as a participant on the curatorial committee of the Peekskill Project at the Hudson Valley Center for Contemporary Art in Peekskill N.Y. Evonne is also a practicing artist.

Important Notes:
Artists will be notified by: July 13, 2009
Artists will be solely responsible for drop off and pick up of art .
All exhibited art works fully insured.
For more information please email questions to:


Art + The City 1000 USD Prize

Sat Jun 06, 2009 00:00

Newark Arts Council
Art + The City
Sculptural Competition on the artistic vitality of Urban America
$1000 Grand Prize and $500 Popular Prize

Due June 6, 2009 at 744 Broad St Newark NJ 07102
Please contact for a donation form with complete dropoff/shipping details

The Newark Arts Council (NAC) has announced a competition to create sculptures that will be showcased at its June 11, 2009 Annual Gala. Artists donating their work will be eligible to win cash prizes.

One Grand Prize winner will be selected to receive a cash prize of $1000.00 One Popular Winner will be selected to receive a cash prize of $500.00. Up to 15 entries will be accepted for exhibition at the Gala.

For additional information about the contest, please contact Gallery Aferro at
For additional information about the NAC see

All artists whose works are selected for exhibition will receive a pro bono invitation to the Gala and can attend as special guests for an exciting evening. The gala location for 2009 will be the atrium of 744 Broad St, a beautifully restored building at the heart of Newark's richly historic downtown. The evening provides an excellent opportunity for artists to mix with corporate and individual art lovers in an atmosphere of congeniality. In addition, the proceeds from the evening will benefit the ongoing programs of the NAC.

Submission Requirements:

-All entries must reflect the theme Art & the City and suggest the role of art in urban America. Up to 15 entries will be accepted for exhibition at the Gala, however, the NAC reserves the right to decline exhibition of entries it considers inappropriate.

-Artists may use any materials of choice. Work must be three-dimensional with a minimum height of 2 feet and a maximum height of 5 feet Work should be freestanding, have a stable base and be no more than three feet wide.

-All entries of artwork must be received with donation form by June 6, 2009. Artwork must be delivered packaged in such a way as to be cartable. Work should be shipped or dropped off to 744 Broad St Newark NJ 07102 during June 3- June 6, 2009. Building is open 24 hours. Please contact Emma Wilcox at or 646-220-3772 if you are shipping.

-One Grand Prize Winner will be will be chosen by jury to receive a cash prize of $1000. One Popular Winner will be chosen during the gala to receive a cash prize of $500.00. All artwork donations will be offered for sale at gala.

-Any works that are not selected for inclusion or are unsold must be picked by the artist by June 17, 2009. NAC and Gallery Aferro will not be responsible for works that are not picked up by this date.


The very first Aferro Benefit

Sat Jun 06, 2009 00:00

Dear You-

We're writing on behalf of Gallery Aferro to ask you to donate an artwork or experience to our very first benefit this June 20th. All proceeds will be used to cover the costs of finalizing our 5013c status as a nonprofit organization and expanding the range of programs that we offer. Information about donating and the event is here:

or you can write to for more information.

Please feel free to share this. Art is due by June 6, 2009.

A belief in locating and sharing resources was instrumental in our descion to create Gallery Aferro. This belief in the primacy of intellectual and physical resources continues to guide and inform the gallery's progress.

We need to ask for your help to sustain our artist-run organization and truly fulfill the possibilities inherent in these ideas. The works will be showcased in the main gallery, and your name will be honored in current and future records of gratitude.

Since reopening in our current 20,000 sq ft building in 2006, Gallery Aferro has offered curated exhibitions that are open to the public and connect artists. We create events such as interactive workshops, performances, screenings, artist talks and tours for K-college students, educators, adult education groups, after-school programs and other groups. Aferro Publications creates exhibition catalogs, artist books, and commissioned essays, and will be at Publication No. 10 in a few months. We have developed an off-site public art series; Storefront Films, screening films in donated spaces throughout the tri-state area, and have curated and mounted several exhibitions in off-site locations as well. Our year-round residency program serves emerging or established artists by offering large studios to continue or create ambitious work, with access to open studios and other exposure and promotions.

Exhibition programming has been formalized into three spaces: Main Gallery, Project Room and New Media Room. The Project Room and the New Media Room are both reserved for career-building solo shows. As with all of our programming, New Media-based resident artists and exhibitions serve to connect new audiences to the art form in an accessible and engaging format, and address barriers to access.

Resources for artists and curators are both physical and online: we provide letters of recommendation, make curatorial referrals, and review portfolios. In addition, we maintain a physical file of artist portfolios. Gallery Aferro collaborates whenever possible with other community-based organizations on space donation for events.

A great deal has been accomplished already, within, for, and because of our community. It is this fact, and our ongoing belief in the value of working with ideas in public, that makes us confident in asking for your support, and telling you that contributions you make will go a long way.

We have accomplished everything so far on a self-funded basis.
In addition to allowing us to continue our current offerings, planned projects that nonprofit status will make possible are:

Expansion of Storefront film programs, development of innovative public art commissions outside of the gallery building, formalizing of our educational offerings, and furthering our existing exchanges between Newark, Oakland, and Detroit-based alternative spaces.

Please join us!

Evonne M. Davis + Emma Wilcox
Gallery Aferro


Into the Singularity: Tom Block

Sat Mar 21, 2009 00:00 - Thu Mar 05, 2009

United States of America

Into the Singularity
Tom Block
Gallery Aferro 73 Market St Newark NJ
Project Room
March 21 - May 16, 2009
Opening Reception March 21, 7-10 PM

Into the Singularity is 72 feet in length and "explores the horror of classical mystical attainment. That path is cold, lonely, miserable, unloved, terrifying, insanity producing and just plain wrong. My work explores humans' attempts to make sense of this world. At the very best, I hope that my art will have an activist influence, causing viewers to question their own personal roles in making the world a better place to live.