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Fri Jul 01, 2011 00:00

Newark, New Jersey
United States of America

Main Gallery
Fall 2011 – Spring 2012

Artists who have not yet had a solo exhibition are invited to submit bodies of work for consideration. Selected artists will receive a solo exhibition in Gallery Aferro's main gallery, a 2,147 sq ft space with street-view windows and high ceilings.
Artists working in any media worldwide are eligible to apply. Please consider how your proposal will utilize the entire space, including the street-view platform, which is 10x30 feet.
Please email the following to with subject line “Last Name_First Name_Solo_Exhibition”

Every submission\proposal must include:

A CV\resume, artist statement, brief statement about the specific work you propose to show with us,
contact information, google checkout order confirmation (see below) and 10-20 work samples: jpeg under 1 MB (Please include title, size, price and media information.) or mpegs/clearly labeled youtube/vimeo links.

Applicants are encouraged to stop by the gallery during gallery hours to look
at the space. Feel free to email for a floor plan of gallery spaces or other information you may need from us.

If you submission requires any technology hardware please let us know what you will provide and\or what you want the gallery to provide.  Whatever technology you can provide will greatly help.

Do Not refer us to a website without ALL the other required material. We will review the listed material first, without it we will not visit your site.

There is a $5 USD fee per submission, via google checkout at
If you truly cannot afford this fee please contact us for a waiver. We do not believe in artist gouging and have begun to ask for this small donation only as part of our overall, diversified activities to support our nonprofit programs. For more information about our gallery, events and programs please see our website or email questions to



Fri Jul 01, 2011 00:00

Newark, New Jersey
United States of America

Main Gallery & New Media Room
Fall 2011 & Spring 2012
Proposals can be for either space, or for both. Curators should email the following to,with the subject line "Last Name_First Name_Curatorial Proposal”

1) A curatorial statement with a description of the proposed exhibition and an explanation of your idea. Minimum length 400 words, maximum 1500 words.

2) Work samples, short narrative biographies, and if available, website links, for each proposed artist. There is no minimum or maximum number of images to include. If new work will be created for the exhibition, send images of their past work.

3) Curator's CV/resume. Examples of past curated shows including images and press if reviewed. Curator's statement about these past exhibitions and curatorial philosophy/approach in general.
4) There is a $5 USD fee per submission, via google checkout on If you truly cannot afford this fee please contact us for a waiver. We do not believe in artist gouging and have begun to ask for this small donation only as part of our overall, diversified activities to support our nonprofit programs.

Applicants are encouraged to stop by the gallery during gallery hours to look at the space. Feel free to email for a floor plan of gallery spaces or other information you may need from us.
Proposals may be for exhibitions that have been mounted previously/will travel, but please keep in mind that content seen recently in the Newark, NJ area does not offer our audience new experiences.

We expect a hands-on approach at the gallery. The curator is expected to be in NYC/NJ area to make arrangements with the artists prior to the installation week. The curator is expected to be at the gallery throughout the full week of installation and the curator and artists involved in the exhibition are responsible for installation of the artwork. The curator should communicate to all artists when invited to participate that they are responsible for delivering their work to the gallery, installing and de-installing their work. It will be the artist's responsibility to install and maintain any equipment that belongs to the artist.

Details about equipment that Gallery Aferro is able to provide will be discussed after the initial proposal has been reviewed and accepted.

We exhibit work we feel strongly about, regardless of your education or exhibition history, but you must include this information. Do Not refer us to your website without ALL the other required material. We
will review the listed material first, without it we will not visit your site.


OPEN CALL Aferro Studio Residency

Wed Dec 15, 2010 00:00

Aferro Studio Residency
Gallery Aferro, Newark, NJ
Now Accepting applications for 2011 artists in residence
Due December 15, 2010, 5 PM

About the Residency:

Residents will be awarded studios, each approximately 600 sq ft, for 6 months, with 24 hr access, access to visiting curators and other gallery directors, a solo exhibition in our project space, and inclusion in an end-of-program catalog highlighting their work over the length of the residency. The current Aferro building can accommodate up to 6 artists at a time. Artists will be selected on the basis of quality of work, commitment to their field, demonstrated need, and the ability to interact positively with the community at large. The program will aim for a mix of Newark and
non-Newark residents.

Alumni Aferro Studio residents have commented that the chance for informal networking with local, national and international peers afforded by residency in the building was one of the best aspects of their experience, with self-organized activities such as collaborative projects, book groups, dinners and critique sessions. Also mentioned by residents consistently as a unique and valuable aspect of the program was temporary ownership of a platform to interact with the public. For installation based, or site specific work, the historical context of the building and the city at large, as well as the current context of an artist-run space, may be useful to the creation of new work.

The Studios:

The studios are strictly work only spaces. The studios are raw spaces with minimal amenities. Artists who are accepted into the program must be prepared to actively use their studio. 6-month slots are available beginning Feb 20, 2011, with two residencies schedules offered: Feb 2011-Aug 2011 and Aug 2011-Feb 2012.

Artist Responsibilities:

$225 a month fee. In addition, artists must utilize their studios a minimum of 40 hours per month, and contribute a minimum of 3 blog posts to the studio blog.


There is no residency restriction for applicants. Artists in any media may apply. The building is not appropriate for welding and other open flame activities. Please contact us with any questions about your application, our space or what you might want to do with your time at Aferro.

Applications via email only.
Please use “Aferro Residency_Last name_First name” as your subject line.

Materials for Application:

A CV/Resume
Artist Statement
A proposal for what you would like to do with your residency/statement of need
Contact Information
Work samples: 10 jpeg images, under 1 MB each.

For film/video, please email mpegs or clearly labeled youtube/site links.
Please do not refer us to a general website link or send an incomplete application.


It's Only a Paper Moon: CALL TO ARTISTS

Sat Jun 05, 2010 00:00

Dear You-
Please consider donating art or experiences

Because of the generosity, inventiveness and enthusiasm of all involved last summer, Gallery Aferro is expanding into the vibrant and lasting resource it is meant to be, available to all.This year, we need to ask for your help to make another leap.

In order to:

· Fully realize promising national and international exchanges

· Launch the large-scale on and off-site events we have imagined

· Unveil a highly functional educational program addressing barriers to access

We need to make Paper Moon, our 2nd benefit, a success. For more information or to ask any questions about donating or the event, you can email or got to this link:

Here are some highlights from the year since we last sent a letter like this one, asking for your help:

· We have diversified our studio workspace program to include 18-month residencies for one midcareer NJ artist, and a thematic, collaborative residency run on a "lab" model. In addition, all studio residents have access to a new blog.

· We are making even greater use of the New Media Room with a "mixed reality" project; Newark is Watching, taking place in the gallery and in Second Life, and the new quarterly Gallery Aferro Independent Film Series, bringing independent feature length films and filmmakers to Newark.

· We have been building infrastructure and planning as the life of the gallery goes on, 365 days of the year, 24 hours a day, in a wonderfully wide variety of ways.

· We built the Liminal space, adding a fourth exhibition space for the public to explore and enlarging the resources we can offer to emerging artists and site specific projects.

· We launched Art Shop, designed to support Gallery Aferro's stability.

These new developments, as with all of our programming initiatives, are designed to allow us to share what we have with the maximum number of people each year. The constant, throughout our past activities and future plans, is enabling the free exchange of ideas, what critic Dave Hickey has called "trafficking in nothing but joy."

The works will be showcased in the main gallery, and your name will be honored in current and future records of gratitude. Our belief in exchange allows the night to function as a portrait of our diverse extended community. Donating artists attend the event for free, and have the option of purchasing one heavily discounted ticket for a guest.

Your contributions will go a long way.
Please join us!

Evonne M. Davis + Emma Wilcox
Gallery Aferro

Save the date for Paper Moon
Art Party and Benefit Auction
June 19th, 7 - 10 PM

Benefit for Gallery Aferro
with raffle and auction of artworks by

Kenseth Armstead, Lathoriel Badenhausen, Gregg Beckett, Katrina Bello,
Jeanne Brasile, Mona Brody,Taheera Cochran, Margarida Corriea, Evonne M. Davis, Denise de la Cerda, Lisa Elmaleh, Susan E. Evans, Alyssa Edmee Fanning,
Beth Gilfilen, Norman Greenwell, Rebecca Jampol, Darren Jones, Anki King,
Hiroshi Kumagai, Valeri Larko, Norene Leddy, Ann LePore, Michelle Levante,
Lara Loutrel, Karen Margolis, John Maters, Anne Q. McKeown, Stephen Mishol, Michelle Mumoli, Sylvia Padilla, Joan Pamboukes, James Prez, Liz Sales,
Irys Schenker, Aileen Tat, Calla Thompson, Joe Waks, Emma Wilcox, Michelle Wilson

and many other local, national and international artists, such as you

Surprise musical guests and performance art!
Signature drinks and great local catering!
Interactive Photo Event!
with the opportunity to have your professional portrait taken with your choice of artist-created backdrops,
by Peter Brauch, Rick Reiser, Raul Villarreal, and others

In the New Media Room: Newark is Watching will open to the public.

10 Things you could do to help Gallery Aferro:

1. Donate artwork to the benefit, see below.
2. Donate money.
3. Buy tickets and attend the benefit.
4. Buy an artwork or raffle tickets.
5. Volunteer to help set up/install for the benefit.
6. Volunteer the night of the benefit to help with assisting the public, wrapping sold artwork, reception, food...
7. Sponsor the benefit, contact to find out about the benefits.
8. Spread the word and encourage your friends, family and colleagues to attend and get involved.
9. Talk about us on your blog, twitter, facebook, myspace, etc...
10. Stand on a rooftop and scream GALLERY AFERRO IS GREAT!!!!!! (or other meaningful adjective.)



Newark is Watching in SL

Fri Dec 31, 2010 00:00

Newark is Watching is a succession, and usurpation project by Gallery Aferro, Newark, NJ, of Brooklyn is Watching, consisting of "mixed -reality" critiques in a virtual exhibition space with Second Life. The primary spaces are a square parcel of land (sim) in Second Life where artists are invited to leave their work for one week (when it is automatically returned) and a physical gallery installation consisting of a couch, a coffee table, a computer, and a fifty-two inch monitor that continuously presents the avatar's view to gallery visitors. The avatar's motion and communication can be controlled by visitors. In addition, there are two online forums for discussion, a blog which chronicles and comments on the work recently installed, and weekly podcasts where artists, art historians, gallerists and critics discuss the art and the issues it raises.

Brooklyn is Watching, conceived of by Jay Van Buren, executed as a collaboration with Boris Kizelshteyn and the Popcha! development team in February 2008, was a breakthrough relational art project that invited interaction between the two thriving art communities of Second Life and Williamsburg, Brooklyn accentuating the power relations between and among them. Over the course of the year, more than one hundred artists have left approximately four hundred works of art on the sim. This dynamic, uncurated exhibition space creates constantly changing relations between works of art that sometimes inter-relate or even intentionally intersect.

Anyone interested in participating can email

Two of the first tasks during the transition period are the design and creation of a new watchtower, the dominant feature of the virtual
space, and the organization of a virtual crowd to pull down the old tower.