Gael Policano Rossi
Since 2009
Works in Capital Federal Argentina

My name is Gael Policano Rossi. I was born on 27th of December in 1987, in Argentina. I'm a screenwriting student, writer and actor.I draw weekly a comic strip based on MS Paint named "sacodepiel" (").

I belong to a group of creatives named "Grupo Capicúa" ( and we staged over 10 plays on the independent theater circuit of Buenos Aires.

I've published several poems on plaquettes, fanzines and websited, and my first book "vosiyo" (2009-2012) currently reprinted through a crowd funding campaign. This book is currently being traslate to english, portugese and french.

I've got a video project developed over 2009-2010 under the name "masvidaqueesto" ("theresmoretolifethanthis") and is currently upload on rhizome.
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Interactive Twitterature Performance - open to everyone

Tue May 03, 2011 22:00

Buenos Aires, Argentina

For the closure of the 6th International Poetry Festival of Bueno Aires today Tuesday 3rd of May, the CCEBA has launch a Twitter performance with the hashtag " #poesiaentodaspartes ", wich literally means "poetry everywhere".
The meaning of this powerful performance is to gather all the urban poetry, fragmented sentences, metaphors and moods of the social media under this hastag to create a visual sculpture with the flowing verses and rhymes of the collective submiters.
From 19pm till 22pm will be happening the closure of the 6th International Poetry Festival of Buenos Aires with a large event that gathers more than 50 artists and writers all over the world to celebrate another year of a successfull and fullflling experience of exchange and acklowledgment.
All the information of this open performance in Spanish under the hashtag #poesiaentodaspartes and the official (@BACML2011 - Buenos Aires Capital Mundial del Libro 2011/ Buenos Aires World Capital of Books 2011).
Feel free to join


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