Making a decision that someone you love needs to go to a Drug Rehabs facility is a tough call. As soon as tou make this decision, finding a suitable facility should be quick and painless, because the 24-48 hour period from a moment of making that decision, to going out and actually getting help, is the most crucial, if success is to be achieved. Decisions, especially on free drug rehabs, need to be implemented based on solid information. This article describes the most common options to consider, and the questions that need to be asked in order to make a decision on christian drug rehabs. On an emotional level, the effects of a Crystal Meth Addiction can be equally visible and devastating. Some of the emotional symptoms of crystal meth abuse include irresponsibility, child neglect, and crime to get some money for the drug. A single puff of meth can keep a user high for 24 hours, unlike cocaine or heroin which only last for a couple of hours. For someone on the mend or looking to sustain the crystal meth addiction, this can lead to serious bouts of violence, paranoid schizophrenia and suicidal tendencies.