Native to both Colorado and Brooklyn, Felicity Fenton has presented her multidisciplinary work in a number of public and private spaces around the globe. She is a RACC grant recipient, was key artist in residence at the Washington County Arts Council in Washington, PA and her collaborative project - Soul Recovery Systems - was nominated for a 2013 Index Design Award - Design to Improve Life. She received her MFA in interdisciplinary arts from Vermont's Goddard College. She lives in Portland, Oregon.
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share your screens

Thu May 01, 2014 11:05

In "Screen Shot" I am examining the unique placement and patterns of files and images on home screens. Flat and artificially lit screens lack the depth and light found in nature or other physical spaces around us. And though screens remain flat and bright, once a user begins to add files and images to their machines, screens begin to appear more organic, or more like a piece of the user's personality. Some screens may be meticulously organized while others are more chaotic. No two screens are alike.

For this project I am asking participants to send me a single screen shot of their computer or smartphone home screen. Once images are received, I will do an ink and watercolor painting of each. Every participant will receive a print of their submitted screen painting.
The submitted images along with their cooresponding painting will be added to a dedicated project page on www.felicityfenton.com.

If you are interested in sharing your screen, email me your screenshots and home address to ff1@felicityfenton.com. Please state in your email whether or not you prefer to remain anonymous.