Free Xbox Live Gold

Online gaming has developed beyond measure in recent time.Playing online with users whom you have not met or even seen is a experience of its own.That�s the reason online gaming is gaining such widespread popularity.The era of online gaming started a long time back but Xbox Live marked the real start of it.Xbox owners can log into there online Xbox live account and play with players all across the world without any hassle.Users can also form teams and challenge other online.The attractive features of Xbox live gold is that it contains a multiplayer gaming system which gives you an opportunity to play against anyone and also have the options of to customize match making options within any games you have selected. You can also add up to hundred friends in your player list.

However to enjoy the Xbox live, users need to purchase gold membership by paying certain amount.The membership is available from 48hrs to even 12 months.Once the users purchase the gold membership card , they can redeem the code at Xbox live dashboard.The Xbox live gold card is a prepaid card which consist of 16 digit unique code.And users have to put this code in there online dashboard to activate the membership.

Even though the Xbox Live membership is really enjoyable but the price is way too high.Teenagers find it very difficult to spend there pocket money in buying the upgrades.There has been a lot of criticism against Xbox live gold membership cost.User demand it should come free with the Xbox.But Microsoft is in no mood to make it free.Even though its not free but there are ways by which users can free Xbox live gold codes .There are numerous sites offering free Xbox live gold in return of small favor from users.Although the live gold codes are hard to find, still there are legal sites from where these can be availed. The game vendors or the Microsoft actually offer these during the time of limited promotion or even it can be accessed in the weekends.By completing offers on the site users can get the codes.But users have to be very careful when the select the site.There are numerous of sites which are scam and don�t offer anything.

Users simple have to gather required number of points on the sites and then Xbox live gold will be delivered into there mail id.The whole process hardly takes more then few minutes.However it takes time for users to get hold of it initially.But once the users gains enough experience it becomes a cake walk for them. free xbox live gold