Eugenia Lim
Since 2007

Eugenia Lim is a video and cross-media artist based in Melbourne, Australia. Her work explores identity, racial and cultural stereotypes and mythologies. Her work has been exhibited in galleries and museums in Australia, the UK, Singapore, the US and worldwide on the net. She is a founding and ongoing member of artist collective Tape Projects.
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Stay Home Sakoku: The Hikikomori Project

Thu Mar 22, 2012 18:00 - Sat Apr 14, 2012

Melbourne, Australia

Stay Home Sakoku: The Hikikomori Project is an introverted performance exploring the Japanese phenomenon of hikikomori or ‘shut in’ syndrome. Over one week, Eugenia Lim will live in a bedroom-style installation within West Space. Although physically ‘on view’ to gallery goers, communication between herself and the outside world will occur via a web portal or ‘hiki-site’ at through which everyone is invited to chat and participate in the project from their own networked phones, computers and lives. Without leaving the space or receiving any visitors, Lim will rely on the kindness of others for food and survival.