Carla do Carmo
Since 2007
Works in Lisboa Portugal

Carla do Carmo born in Lisbon, Portugal, 1974 and she is since 2007 an emerging artist at Rhizome.Org, a plataform of the New Museum of New York, New York, EUA. She has the Painting course of the Fine Arts National Society of Lisbon. Has the Art, Patrimony and Heritage Master with the theme Art and New Technologies, at the History of Art Institute, Classic University of Lisbon,the Licenciate' s Degree in History of Art and Educational Formation in History, and made the Jewelry course at the Fine Art's University of Lisbon, Portugal. She was teatcher of History and History of Jewelry at the Art School of Jewelry Contacto Directo, Lisbon to artists of jewelry and universitary students and creator of the contentes of the discipline. Is an Investigator at the Art Library in the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation. Is author of poetry by Farrar, Strauss and Giroux Editors, New York and at the Electronic Literature Organization, EUA, and is a galerist at the art site Are made Psychoanalysis, the written reflection exercice and research about art and several concepts.


2004/2008 - Master at Art, Patrimony and Heritage at History of Art Institute, Faculdade de Letras of Classic University of Lisbon, Portugal, with the theme Art and New Technologies.

1998/2004 - Licenciate' s Degree in History of Art and Educational Formation in History at Faculdade de Letras of Lisbon Classical University of Lisbon, Portugal.

1999/ 2006 - Painting course at the Fine Arts National Society of Lisbon, Portugal.

2004/2005 - Jewelry course at Fine Art's University of Lisbon, Portugal.

2004/ 2005 - Modern Center of Art José de Azeredo Perdigão, CAMJAP,Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Lisbon,at education sector the courses of Artistic Education with the themes of 'Visual Culture'; 'Artistic Materials and Art Education'; 'Artistic and Educational Formation',Portugal.

Teatcher of History of Jewelry

2004/2007 - Art School of Jewelry Contacto Directo, Lisbon, Portugal to jewelery artists and universitary students and is the creator of the contents of the discipline.

2007 - Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation Art Library (Since 2007, Lisbon, Portugal


Solo Exhibition's

2012 - Work untitled 'Tulips' at the portfolio. Presentation an online exhibition at several international galeries and museums, New York, EUA.

Group Exhibition's

2008 - Camden Art Gallery, 6 September to 26 September, London, England.
2008 - Camden Art Gallery, 16 February to March, London, England.
2008 - Bibliteca Chiesa Rossa,1 to 31 April, Milan, Italy. (Itinerant at cities of Italy)
2008 - Ars Habitat Gallery ,1 to 14 March, Genoa, Italy.
2007 - Lineadarte - Officina Creativa, 4 to 14 December, Naples, Italy.
2007 - Ex Oratorio di San Giovanni Battista, 11 to 30 November, Pistóia, Italy.
2007 - Pietro Negri Gallery, 1 to 15 September, Pistóia, Italy.
2006 - Fine Art's National Society of Lisbon, Juin, Lisbon, Portugal.
2006 - National Center of Culture, Mai, Lisbon, Portugal.
2003 - National Society of Fine Art' s of Lisbon, Juin, Lisbon, Portugal.
2003 - Correio Velho Palace, December, Lisbon, Portugal.
2002 - Fine Art' s National Society of Lisbon, Juin, Lisbon, Portugal.
2000 - Fine Art' s National Society of Lisbon, Juin, 2000, Lisbon, Portugal.

Author / Writer

2011 - Author of Poetry by Farrar, Strauss and Giroux Editors, New York, EUA.

2011 - Writer of Poetry entitled "The Wind" at Electronic Literature Organization, EUA.

2011 - Writer of the short story in artistic literature "The Silent walk". (Not published)

2012 - Writer of the biography "Into the Depeest of Alentejo", in artistic literature.


2012 - Necklance and pendente made of silver wire entagled by pliers.


2012 -

Acquired Works

Paintings and Drawings

2012 - at New Museum of New York, New York, EUA.
2012 - at New Musem of New York, New York, EUA.
2012 - at New Museum of New York, New York, EUA.
2008 - Fondación Centenera, Spain.
2008 - Bibliteca Chiesa Rossa,Italy.
2008 - Ars Habitat Gallery ,Genoa, Italy.
2007 - Lineadarte - Officina Creativa, Naples, Italy.
2007 - Ex Oratorio di San Giovanni Battista,Pistóia, Italy.
2007 - Pietro Negri Galllery, Pistóia, Italy.


"The Wind" - Electronic Literature Organization, EUA


Irving, Mark - "1001" Buildings You must See Before you Die", London, Cassel, 2012, England, «New Museum of New York», pp. 925.


2013 - Psychoanalisis basead in the Sigmund Freud Psychoanalysis, the written reflection exercice and research about Art and several concepts (since 2013).

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Santa Barbara free/full and open project

Thu Nov 15, 2007 00:00 - Thu Nov 15, 2007


English Version

Santa Barbara free/full and open project



Operating, technical coordinator practical of the subject: Francisco Dau.

Conceptual coordinator and scripteriter of the plan: Domenico Di Caterino.

Curatori protagonists of the second quarry of artistic extraction anniversary: Gennaro Ippolito and Giovanna Donnarumma.

Curatori carriers and free investigators of contemporary art: all the militant artists participants, spring of one new were of the contemporary art.

Second quarry of visible extraction of art, the "Saint Barbara free and open project" is a perpetual and in motion dynamic plan, moved from one idea of collective and shared net of free artistic search svincolate from mercantile laws and mode taxes. An anniversary and dynamics quarry of extraction snodata on a transnational territory, where liberations open and close hollow yards of free search, managed directly from the artists. The plan leaves from a shared platform of connection, democratic and participated, to the inside of which leaders or centralizing figures and structures of pyramidal or verticistiche system do not exist, but only megaphone characterizes them of a poetic and artistic collective and globalization, creative spirits movements from utopic and oniric collective, volenterose requests to exercise liberations without no political tie, politician and cargo vessel the own search and poetica essence, ethics, aesthetic. In this every perspective optical single adherent curatore artist to the plan becomes of artistic extraction and a mobile and moviment connection between various underground galleries. This time the second quarry of net annual becomes visible to Naples, in a space managed from two artists (Gennaro Ippolito and Giovanna Donnaruma). The yard is inspired ideally and spiritually to the figure of the protecting Saint of the artistic miners and who it moves in the sottosuolo and the invisibile submerged from logical of private galleritic markets.

OBJECTIVE: The first objective is of giving visibility to works moved from the faith in the far artistic search from places to the sun and reflectors aim, searches to you destroyed, darkened and hidden from the new privatized total order of the culturally supported contemporary art from the specialistic head of contemporary art "Flash Art".


Optimae Artes - the New Italian Portal of Arts -

Mon Sep 03, 2007 00:00 - Mon Sep 03, 2007

The New Portal of Fine Arts is Born!

Optimae Artes doesn't care only for Paintig, Sculptur, Grafic Art, Computer Art but also Photopgraphy, Poetry and Literature, an 360° vision of art.
The first objective of this Association is to give most value to the works of art of the artists inscript at the portal and propose them to National and International Galeries, editors and collectors to create possiblities of colaborations and agregations.
At September of 2007 the "Il Piccolo Angelo" Galerie is inaugurated at the splendid historic center at the city of Viterbo. "Il Piccolo Angelo" galerie made already an agreement to colaborate and divulgate the artists associated at Optimae Artes, and this portal is the meeting point and a reference to all associates. The first exhibition will be dedicate to the great roman singer Gabriella Ferri as a painter, and after her a personal exhibition of the painters Balsamo e Barletta who made a serie of artistics manifestations.
Optimae Artes intend to organize at the galerie other artistic events and create the 1st International prize of Art "Il Piccolo Angelo".



Exhibition of Contemporary Art at Pistoia - Italy

Fri Aug 17, 2007 00:00 - Fri Aug 17, 2007

1st Collective Exhibition of Contemporary Art City of Pistoia, Italy

aaCollective Exhibition of Painting, Sculpture, Poetry, Photography, Mode, Jewelry,
Video and Register Art at the 'Ex Oratorio di San Giovanni Battista'

Saturday September 1, 2007 - Saturday September 15, 2007
With Painting, Sculpture, Poetry, Photography, Mode, Jewelry, Video and Register Art of the artists:

Artists: Rossorame A. Pagliarello, Nabil Al-Zein, Elena Apolito, Massimo Bardi, Marko Beslac, Daniele Bianchi, Ilaria Borraccino, Carla Carmo, Giovanni Cassara, Piero Ceragioli, Emiliano Cesarano, Michael Chatman, Mariangela Chianese, Enzo Correnti, Crislim, Antonio De Rose, Carlo Deperu, Giacomina Di Bello, Domenico Di Caterino, Gianfilippo Disarda, Elena Faralli, Beatrice Feo, Maria Da Gloria Fernandes, Roberto Fontana, Hego Fred, Danilo Fresu, Etay Gabay, Silvana Gaertner, Annamaria Germani, Michela Graziani, Raimonda Guida, Luna Hal, Paul Herman, Antonella Iurilli Duhamel, Doris B. Lambling, Maizon, Teresa Susy Manzo, Domenico Mauro, Abdelkader Meskar, Mj, Kim Molinero, Giovanni Morgia, Giovanni Nappa, Lorenzo Noccioli, Lucio Occhipinti, Leopoldo Pezzella, Jacob Porat, Alexandre Reigada, Catia Rodrigues, Anna Rubina, Paolo Salvadori, Lucia Sandroni, Alessandro Scapinelli, Robert Schwarz, Silviatosi Silvia, Zafina Vasa, Flavio Vincenzi
curated by: Piero Ceragioli, Paolo Orsatti
gallery: Pietro Negri

at Galleria Pietro Negri