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London Calling

@Moody and Manning: While getting into a debate about where is more politicised seems to be a waste of time - i'd still suggest that in London and the UK at large there is a recognisable contingent of politicised practice. Whether that is as a result of osmosis or sincere consideration is largely irreverent in the context of the claim.
Where there is a necessary distinction to be made is in the difference between Realpolitik and politics. Sure you can talk about it, reference it and think about it but what does it mean when you don't do it?  
My experience of NYC is that there is rarely a considered political subtext to the production of work and rarely does any practicing internet aware artist attempt to deal with the social and economic relations inherent in their practice. Berlin is predominantly a party town for ex pats - which directly contributes to massively complicated issues of gentrification.
Perhaps in making these comparisons i appear to be shining a negative light on places over london - well i'm not. It's just an illustration of the differing political climates that exist right now. And really does the propsect of a Eurozone economic collapse make the grass seem all that much greener?
Some substance to the claim:

http://www.autoitaliasoutheast.org/ (next show)