laurut anthony
Works in Shanghai China

Anto Lau was born in 1980 in Vichy, France, he created works and broadcasts since 2008
Europe. It is in 2012 it stood at Shanghai.

His artistic training was long autodidact but also holds a BT assistant architect, as a DEUG in history of art, he completes his training with a DNAP and DNSEP School of Fine Arts.

His work is an interpretation of a space and a well-defined time through which it operates transcripts in both physical and mental. Its tools such as the layout, images, sounds, he can create documents, facilities, with whom he attempts to translate the notion of memory.

His works are in the sound collaborations with experimental music group that multiplies Zeitspielra├╝m events in places such as Lyon, St Etienne, Nice, Grenoble, Valence, Clermont-Ferrand.

Anto Lau is a multidisciplinary artist, influenced by the movement Conceptual, he composed his work with rigor, through multiple media. He is interested in tools for today mostly from everyday life which strives to provide new functions.