Anna Aleksandrovna Polibina-Polansky

My greetings to you! I am Anna Aleksandrovna Polibina-Polansky, a script writer, a translator of poetry and a movie maker from Moscow. Those three capacities lead me through the world of up lifted genres.
I have screened over 100 of short cut videoessays (up to 40 minutes) so far. My films are devoted to the background of the modern religions; the meaningful historical figures in the art; the forgotten estates and monasteries; the outstanding poets and movie makers of the old. So the scope of my themes and genres proves to be wide.
I have screened my short cut films for almost ten years already, so I have come to the high evaluation of my genre experiences. If you estimate experimental movies, the static drawn-by-hand images, black-and-wide panoramas and soundful metaphors - you are undoubtfully my viewer.

I work for a fee from my demonstrations, so I look for positive collaborative practices with promotion companies and distibutors of the art house video material. I have successfully created a spectrum of my genres, so I work with my own techniques and devices that have proved to be original as well as bright and memorable. The experience of coping with audiences has resulted at deifinite fame and recognition, so I choose to gradually move at the existing direction. I admit that the themes are somehow priceless and that their worthiness will grow with the time. So serious distrbutors will find my academic background and my artful practices needed, as they have already proved to be demanded and attractive.
("Anna Polibina-Polansky, a film maker from Moscow: strokes for my genre background")
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Postdoctoral Position in the Humanities, Culture and the Digital (Digital Humanities)

To Jim Barrett
Dear Jim! Please copy my comment to your PC and delete it from this directory. Thank you in advance. Anna Polibina


Postdoctoral Position in the Humanities, Culture and the Digital (Digital Humanities)

My Greetings to You. I am Anna Polibina, a script writer from Moscow. I screen films in various genres, in five European languages. In 2001 I graduated from the Literary Instutite of Moscow. I am a professional philologist, writer (plawyright and poet) and a translator of fiction and poetry. I engage simpistic digital technologies at my feature short cut films, though I prefer the "raw" drawings and the "vivid" sound. My scripts are of a broad range of genres and styles also. I write for various audiences, from youngsters to academicians. I also translate and edit academic books, from UNESCO reports to postmodern theories. For the next academic year, I have just received an invitation to read a course at the drama theories at GITIS ( I have screened over 100 of my own (!) short cut feature-and-documentary films so far, in a variety of genres, in Russian, English, French, Spanish and Italian, all by my own scripts and plays.  I consider myself an ideal applicant for Your position, but I have certain restrictions by health. If You would like to know details, please contact me by: Thank You. Regards from Anna Polibina, Moscow