Here's our Mission:

3-Legged Dog exists to produce new, original works in theater, performance, media and hybrid forms. Working out of a strong literary tradition, our mission is to explore the new narrative possibilities created by digital technology, and to provide an environment for our artists to create new tools and modes of expression so that they can excel across a range of disciplines.

Fostering Cutting Edge Artwork since 2006:

3LD Art & Technology Center is a community-oriented and artist-run production development studio for emerging and established artists and organizations that create large-scale experimental artworks of all kinds.
Since opening in 2006, we have hosted more than 700 artists a year through our 3LD Residency Program, offering artists a unique experience with 24/7 access to specialized equipment, flexible space and expert knowledge, as well as the desperately needed time to fully realize their visions (6 to 16 week residencies). If New York City is to remain at the forefront of artistic innovation and experimentation, then its artists must have the means to create cutting-edge work.

3-Legged Dog Media + Theater Group curates the 3LD Residency Program as part of our Cooperative Professional Resources (CPR) Program for resident artists who carry on the traditions of risk-taking and boundary-pushing aesthetics, a tradition that reaches back in New York City’s history to the late 1800s. Artists who have developed work at 3LD Art & Technology Center have received many prestigious awards for the work they have done here including The American Theater Wing Hewes Design Award, Gothamist Best Musical, Special Commendation Award for the prestigious Susan Smith Blackburn Prize, STAGE Award for Art and Science, Best of Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Voice Best Stage Technology, Bessie Audience Choice Award, and a Princess Grace Achievement Award.
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3LD Salon: The Sound Designer

Wed Jun 12, 2013 19:30 - Wed Jun 12, 2013

New York, United States of America

-JUNE 12, 2013-

3 Sound Designers;

1 20-Minute Theatrical Work;

3 Designers each contributing a 5 minute sound design;

1 Evening to show results of the collaboration and discuss the process.

Three sound designers have been invited to participate in this collaborative event. Mac Wellman has offered his current unfinished work, Nine Devils which is a dance/theater piece based on Japanese Philosopher Shuzo Kuki’s Nine Devils, an autobiographical essay about the meaning of his name.

Meghan Finn will direct this new work.

Meghan, Mac and company will have 24/7 access to 3LD’s Studio B for a week to rehearse and construct this new work. The designers will meet with Meghan individually to collaborate with her on the sound design.

Sonic elements will be offered by the designer, and built into the work by the director honoring the aesthetic of the designer and writer.

Wednesday, June 12 at 7:30pm @ 3LD Art & Technology Center

After the performance the designers and director will discuss the process and participate in a Q&A with the audience.

The event is FREE. Reservations are strongly recommended. Contact:



Isadora Workshop(s) with creator Mark Coniglio

Mon May 27, 2013 23:59

New York, New York
United States of America

-THE WEEK OF JULY 8, 2013-


July 8 @ 10am-4pm; Intro Course

July 9,10,11,12 @ 10am-4pm; Master Class


Mark Coniglio, Creator of Isadora®

Co-Founder Troika Ranch


3LD Art & Technology Center

80 Greenwich Street

NYC, NY 10006

The workshop will be in two parts. The first day, July 8th, will be an Introductory Course that covers the basics of ISADORA® along with the most common implementation and frequently asked questions. The four days that follow will be a Master Class designed for intermediate and advanced users. Both classes will be taught by the creator of the ISADORA® software and the curriculum will be specifically tailored to the group of students in the room and their respective skill level.

1-day Introductory Course Fee: $100.00

4-day Masterclass Fee: $650.00 (Includes a one-year License for Isadora®)

BOTH (Intro & Masterclass) Fee: $700.00 (Includes a one-year License for Isadora®)

Due to high demand for the opportunity to learn directly from the creator of this revolutionary software, participation will be determined by application.

Payment in full ($100 for INTRO class; $650 for MASTERCLASS; $700 for BOTH) must be received by June 10, 2013

Isadora® is the award winning, interactive media presentation tool that allows you to follow your artistic impulse. Whether you are an artist, designer, performer, or VJ, you can quickly and easily harness the limitless potential of digital media and real-time interactivity with Isadora®.

Designed by an artist for artists, Isadora’s welcoming environment invites even those new to the world of digital media to learn by playing and experimenting. Programming Isadora is easy. The user interface is carefully crafted to make both creative improvisation and fine-tuning a breeze.

Isadora® is as limitless as your imagination. Over 250 basic building blocks can be linked in a nearly infinite number of ways, allowing you to create and manipulate stunning visuals, sonic environments, and media-intensive theatrical experiences. Whether you need to simply sequence and present video clips for your next play, or you want to create a rich, textured interactive performance that respond in real-time to a performer’s action, Isadora® has you covered.

Created by composer and media-artist, Mark Coniglio, Isadora was initially developed to realize the performances of Troika Ranch, the pioneering media intensive dance company he co-founded. Isadora reflects over 20 years of practical experience with real-time live performance and media interactivity.


Include one paragraph explaining why you are interested in attending the workshop and one paragraph describing the kind of work that you make. Briefly tell us about your level of expertise with computers. Please include your name, address, telephone number and email address.

Applicants must have a basic understanding of using a computer, i.e., opening and saving files, copying and pasting information, basic navigational skills, etc. Applicants must also have gone through the Isadora® Tutorials 1-6 before the workshop begins.

 Send applications to with ISADORA® WORKSHOP in the subject line.

A Note About the Selection Process: Please know that, beyond your application information, an important factor in choosing the participants is how the group fits together as a whole. When the skills of those participating vary too widely, it means that someone ends up either bored or overwhelmed. So please understand that if you are not chosen it is not a reflection on your abilities or your skills as an artist. Participants will be chosen with a median skill level in mind and the limited number of seats available.


Computers: We require that you bring your own Mac or PC laptop.

Macintosh Requirements: Intel based computer with a bus speed of 2.0 Ghz and 2.0 GB of RAM; Mac OS X 10.4.0 or greater; latest version of Apple’s QuickTime. (G4/G5 computers will work, but they do not perform nearly as well as the Intel machines.)

Windows Requirements: Intel based computer with a bus speed of 1.8 Ghz and 2.0 GB of RAM; Windows 7, Vista or XP; latest version of Apple’s QuickTime.

Video Camera: Some means of capturing live video is required.

The best option is a Digital Video Camera: Video (DV) camera with a FireWire output. (Make sure you have the required cable to connect it to your computer.)

A second option is to purchase a composite video-to-USB adapter like the Daystar Technology XLR8 Interview (Mac) or the Pinnacle Dazzle DVC-100 (Windows).

A third option is to use a web cam, either an external USB model or the one that is built-in to your laptop; this latter option offers the least flexibility however.

Microphone: For those whose computers do not have an integrated internal microphone, an external microphone compatible with the microphone input of your computer is also recommended.


Sensory Systems: Users may also bring MIDI input devices or other sensory systems if they have prior skill in connecting and using those systems with their computer. Isadora can receive input from MIDI and Serial devices as well as software that supports the Open Sound Control (OSC) protocol.


3LD especially encourages artists and arts enthusiasts from diverse backgrounds to apply to the workshop. We are interested in facilitating the exchange of ideas amongst populations traditionally underserved within the interactive technology community. All races and ethnicities are welcome as are performers and non-performers. Arts administrators, producers, designers and curious individuals in general that meet the basic requirements for application and complete the online six-part tutorial are welcome here.


Exquisite E Pluribus Unum by Mike Richison at 3LD NYC

Fri Oct 19, 2012 21:00 - Sat Oct 20, 2012

New York, New York
United States of America

This Friday and Saturday night a special type of debate happens at 3LD. Artist Mike Richison will be be projecting his work "Exquisite E Pluribus Unum" which he describes as "equal parts VJ performance, political rally, improvised sound bed, and video installation. Utilizing current presidential campaign footage as raw material, this performance samples words, phrases, breaths, pauses, and other sounds and silences in order to build percussion tracks, melodies, and solos.


CALL FOR WORK: 3-Legged Dog’s Liminal Stage

Sun Sep 02, 2012 23:59

New York, New York
United States of America

3-Legged Dog exists to produce new, original works in theater, performance, dance, media and hybrid forms. 3-Legged Dog’s mission is to explore narrative possibilities created by digital technology, to foster self-expression and skill in young artists through educational initiatives and to provide an environment for our artists to create new tools and modes of expression so that they can excel across a range of disciplines.

The Program:
3-Legged Dog invites artists to submit multimedia artworks for inclusion in 3LD’s Liminal Stage. Works will be selected for public exhibit at 3LD Art & Technology Center, located at the juncture of high traffic destinations such as the WTC, New York Stock Exchange, Zuccotti Park, Battery Park and Trinity Church. As part of the program, multimedia artworks will be featured in 3LD’s iconic lobby The Tube, installed in 3LD’s street level studio windows and projected on the façade of 3LD’s neighboring building.

Curated by 3-Legged Dog staff, Liminal Stage focuses on work that can engage a street level audience using innovative technology while embracing risk-taking and pushing aesthetic boundaries. Exhibitions will be open to the public, free of charge.

For Artists:
This program is for digital and media artists who have work ready to be shown to the public that is generally self-contained. Your exhibition can be shown from the street through our windows, projected on the adjacent wall and/or it can be installed in the Tube (our lobby) to be open to the public during the day, as well as during the performances of our other resident artists. Exhibitions lengths range from 2 – 4 weeks.

To Apply go to: