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220HEX / Gisle Froysland is a digital artist from Bergen, Norway.
Co-founder of BEK (www.bek.no) and initiator/main organiser of Piksel (www.piksel.no
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Piksel09:: call - OPEN WORKSHOPS

Mon Nov 16, 2009 00:00


Piksel09 nov. 19-22 2009
* PIKSEL09 workshop series
* Free and Open Creative Technology workshops

In connection with the Piksel09 festival we are offering in total 12 electronic
and software workshops. All the workshops are free to attend,
but for the hardware workshops we need to charge material costs.

To sign up or get more information,
please contact us on piksel09 [AT] piksel.no
or register directly at:


*Tom Bugs (UK): W.O.M (Workshop Osc Machine)*
*Monday 16.11.09**, 12.00-18.00**
- Build your own 3 oscillator one-board synth, DIY kit based
- No previous experience needed
Material costs: NOK 290,-
MORE: http://piksel.no/ocs/index.php/piksel/piksel09/paper/view/230

*Diego de León (ES): LP Atari Punk Concole*
*Tuesdag 17.11.09**, 12.00-18.00**
- Learn about the Atari Punk Console circuit and build small noise synth
- No previous experience needed
Material costs: NOK 290,-
MORE: http://piksel.no/ocs/index.php/piksel/piksel09/paper/view/90

*Peter Edwards from Casperelectronics (US): DIY Drone Synthesizer
Wednesday 18.11.09***, 12.00-18.00**
- Learn how to build a drone synth using the Drone Lab Kit.
Material costs: NOK 850,-
MORE: http://piksel.no/ocs/index.php/piksel/piksel09/paper/view/231

*Hackteria: Bioelectronics for artists
**Thursday 19.11.09 - Saturday 21.11.09***, 12.00-18.00**
- A three day workshop giving the participants an introduction to microscopy
and tools for interfacing with micro organisms.
Material costs: NOK 210,-
MORE: http://piksel.no/ocs/index.php/piksel/piksel09/paper/view/94

*Andy Bolus: Building simple analogue light-controlled theremins
**Sunday 22.11.09***, 12.00-18.00**
- learn how to build a simple, analogue theremin, controlled by light sensors.
Material costs: NOK 210,-
MORE: http://piksel.no/ocs/index.php/piksel/piksel09/paper/view/180

*Arjan Scherpenisse: VGA Signals**
Sunday 22.11.09***, 12.00-18.00**
- Learn how to make a simple micro-controller to generate signals
for displaying pixel patterns on any VGA monitor or beamer.
Material costs: NOK 165,-
MORE: http://piksel.no/ocs/index.php/piksel/piksel09/paper/view/65

*Minia: Open Hardware Sensor Board*
*Monday 23.11.09 - Tuesday 24.11.09***, 12.00-18.00**
- Learn how to use MINIA - a USB, plug and play multi platform device
that translates external sensor data to the computer.
Material costs: NOK 165,-
MORE: http://piksel.no/ocs/index.php/piksel/piksel09/paper/view/229


Luca Carrubba (IT): Qeve - Free your visuals*
*Thursday 19.11.09***, 11.00-13.00**
- Learn how to use Qeve, a free software tool for video improvisation
and partake in a joint video streaming session.
MORE: http://piksel.no/ocs/index.php/piksel/piksel09/paper/view/210

*Glerm Soares (BR): Navalha
- handcrafted hardware/software audio performance interface
*Friday 20.11.09***, 11.00-13.00**
- Learn how to use Navalha - an software/hardware interface
for real-time slicing of audio files.
MORE: http://piksel.no/ocs/index.php/piksel/piksel09/paper/view/212

*Alexandre Quessy: ToonLoop Live Animation workshop
*Saturday 21.11.09***, 11.00-13.00**
- Learn how to use ToonLoop - a real time stop motion animation tool.
- Bring your own computer and midi controllers!
MORE: http://piksel.no/ocs/index.php/piksel/piksel09/paper/view/137

*Yves Degoyon (ES): Open Computer Vision
*Sunday 22.11.09***, 11.00-13.00**
- Get an introduction to Open Computer Vision (based on PureData),
current libraries and the openCV API.
MORE: http://piksel.no/ocs/index.php/piksel/piksel09/paper/view/69


**Chaoslab: Random evolution & aperiodic bifurcation workshop
**Friday 20.11.09 - Saturday 21.11.09***, 12.00-18.00**
- Partake in an experiment based on chaotic systems and indeterminism
in a workshop environment of participant sensitive equipment.
MORE: http://piksel.no/ocs/index.php/piksel/piksel09/paper/view/158

Piksel09 is supported by The Norwegian Art Council, Bergen Municipality,
Hordaland County Council, Nordic Culture Fund, PNEK, BKK and OCA.

For more information: http://www.piksel.no/p09 -> http://www.piksel.no/



Piksel/BALTAN Laboratories residency

Mon Aug 31, 2009 00:00


Open Call for Proposals
BALTAN Laboratories and Piksel collaborative research and development residency
Deadline: August 31, 2009

As part of BALTAN Laboratories’ Blueprint research programme investigating the roles and forms of the art and technology laboratory of the future, BALTAN and Piksel are collaborating to explore the relationship between hard and software developers working on free and open source tools for artistic production, and the artistic use and development of these tools in a laboratory setting.

One artist will be selected from this open call to produce an artwork using tools developed in collaboration with local and international developers of the Piksel Community, together with BALTAN and Piksel, through workshops and a residency at BALTAN. The Piksel/BALTAN collaboration will run from September until December 2009.

Specifically, we are interested in proposals to work with the tracking and mapping technology Open Computer Vision. OpenCV is a library of programming functions mainly aimed at real time computer vision. Example applications of the OpenCV library are Human-Computer Interaction (HCI); Object Identification, Segmentation and Recognition; Face Recognition; Gesture Recognition; Motion Tracking, Ego Motion, Motion Understanding; Structure From Motion (SFM); Stereo and Multi-Camera Calibration and Depth Computation; Mobile Robotics. [Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OpenCV]. There will also be opportunity for the artist and involved developers to connect to the BALTAN Tracker, a tool being developed at BALTAN for thermographic cameras.

Knowledge, experience, tools and artwork will be openly disseminated both online as well as in person through public events at BALTAN and at the Piksel 09 Festival. Reflection on open processes and sharing knowledge throughout the research, development and production phases of an artistic work, beyond archiving, is an integral part of this collaboration.

For more information about BALTAN and Piksel see:

We offer:

- a residency period of up to 6 weeks at BALTAN Laboratories in Eindhoven, the Netherlands during the months of September, October and November 2009. Specific dates to be determined in collaboration with the selected artist.
- an artist fee of 2000 Euro
- a production budget (to be discussed)
- travel to and from Eindhoven, NL and to Bergen, Norway for the Piksel festival, as well as accommodation in both locations
- a week-long development workshop with OpenCV developers and other participants from September 21-27, 2009.
- support from the Piksel community in the further technical development of the selected project throughout the residency period.
- presentation of the project at the Piksel festival in Bergen, Norway from November 19-22, 2009
- public presentation of the results of the artist’s research at BALTAN Laboratories in Eindhoven


- proposals are welcome from professional artists worldwide;
- the artist must have advanced technical knowledge allowing him or her to experiment with the above-mentioned technologies;
- the artist should preferably have experience working in collaborative settings with people from different disciplines;
- the artist must be willing and able to travel to Eindhoven for a residency period of 6 weeks and to the Piksel festival in Bergen from November 19-22;
- the artist must be willing to openly and thoroughly document the artistic process.


Please send the following (digitally) to both Angela Plohman, Director, BALTAN Laboratories at angela[AT]baltanlaboratories.org and Gisle Froysland, Director, Piksel at info[AT]piksel.no by August 31, 2009:

- an outline of the concept underlying the work that you wish to develop (200 words max)
- a general outline of the scope of the final work (200 words max - can include visual sketches)
- a motivation for why you would like to work in the context of this particular residency as well as an overview of your interest in the technologies mentioned above (250 words max)
- an outline of the research and development plan for the work (250 words max)
- an up-to-date CV including links to previous work



Wed Jul 15, 2009 00:00



** Piksel09
november 19-22 2009
Bergen, Norway


Piksel [1] is an international event for artists and developers working with
Free/Libre and Open Source technologies in artistic practice. Part workshop,
part festival, it is organised in Bergen, Norway,and involves participants
from more than a dozen countries exchanging ideas, coding, presenting art and
software projects, doing workshops, performances and discussions on the
aesthetics and politics of FLOSS & art.

This years event - Piksel09 - continues the exploration of free/libre and open
source technologies and it’s myriad of expressions within the arts.

Piksel09 is organised in collaboration with Gallery 3,14 [2] and Lydgalleriet
[3] which will host this years exhibitions, Bergen Kunstmuseum [4] hosting the
presentations and panels, and Bergen Kunsthall/Landmark [5] hosting the
evening events.


** open CALL for PROJECTS

For the exhibitions and other parts of the programme we currently seek
projects in the following categories:

1. Installations

Projects to be included in the exhibitions at Galleri 3,14 and Lydgalleriet.
The works must be programmed by and running on free and open source software
and/or open/DIY hardware.

2. Audiovisual performance

Live art realised by the use of free and open source software.
We specially encourage live coding and open/DIY hardware projects to apply.

3. Presentations

Innovative DIY hardware and audiovisual software tools or software art
released under an open licence. (Also includes presentations of artistic
projects realised using these technologies.)

4. Workshops

Hands on workshops utilising free software and/or open/DIY hardware for
artistic use.

!!!!!!!!!! Deadline - july 15. 2009 !!!!!!!!!!

Please use the online submit form at:

or send documentation material - preferably as a URL to online
documentation with images/video to piksel09 [AT] piksel [DOT] no



att: Gisle Fr0ysland
Georgernes Verft 12
5011 Bergen

More info: http://www.piksel.no

Piksel09 is supported by Arts Council Norway, City of Bergen Cultural Office,
Hordaland County Cultural Office and others.


[1] http://www.piksel.no
[2] http://www.stiftelsen314.com
[3] http://www.lydgalleriet.no
[4] http://www.bergenartmuseum.no
[5] http://www.kunsthall.no/default.asp?k=6



Thu Nov 19, 2009 00:00 - Mon May 04, 2009


november 19-22 2009
Bergen, Norway

Piksel is an international event for artists and developers working with Free/Libre and Open Source technologies in artistic practice. Part workshop, part festival, it is organised in Bergen, Norway,and involves participants from more than a dozen countries exchanging ideas, coding, presenting art and software projects, doing workshops, performances and discussions on the aesthetics and politics of FLOSS & art.



Thu Dec 04, 2008 00:00 - Thu Nov 13, 2008


Piksel08 :: Code Dreams
-- Bergen, Norway

Piksel08 :: festival
december 4-7 2008

Piksel08 :: exhibition
dec 12 08-jan 25 09

How does code dream? What are the dreams of code?

Piksel08 examines the other side of code, an alternative side to a hard-coded
reality of work and play. Open hardware and free software project a utopic
vision, yet exist within economies of capital, the dream factory of mainstream
technology. Within the chance meeting of sewing machine and umbrella on the
dissecting table, hardware and software are flattened.

Piksel08: code dreams explores the dreams of this soft machine; bachelors
coding for pleasure, reverse engineering paranoiac constructs of the real,
automatic coding practice, soft hardware, and everyday magic.



EXHIBITIONS @ Galleri 3,14, Volt, Lydgalleriet & USF --

Anaisa Franco (BR), Aymeric Mansoux (FR), Marloes de valk (NL), Voldemars
Johansons (LV), Daniil Umanski (NL), Federico Sangati, Pall Thayer (IS),
Oyvind Mellbye (NO), Gijs Giieskes (NL), Jan Carleklev (SE), Ben Bogart (CA),
Martin Aaserud (NO), Loud Objects (US), Jo frgmnt Grys (DE), Seamus O'Donnell
(IR), Julian Oliver (NZ), Bjorn Magnhildoen (NO), Ana Buigues (ES), Danja
Vasiliev (RU/NL), HC Gilje (NO)


Animata, Jelly, Wind-up birds, Data Jockey, Fritzing, LevelHead, pure agents -
augmenting live patching, Gmerlin Audio Video Decoder, G.I.S.S. 3.0, exist.pl,
BOT : virtual networked lab, Hexaclock, Sprocket, Caligraft, print "soapbox",
Free Software from a writer's perspective


Avatar Orchestra Metaverse, Derek Holzer (US), Agoston Nagy (HU), Gabor Papp
(HU), Julien Ottavi (FR), Jenny Pickett UK), Yves Degoyon (FR), Alejandra
Perez Nunez (CL), Bureau d'Etudes (FR), Malte Steiner (DE), Federico Bonelli
(IT), Robert Fischer (NL), Iohannes M Zmolnig (AT), Adam Parrish (US),
Benjamin CADON (FR), Ryan Jordan (UK), Jessica Rylan (US), One Man Nation
(SG), Christopher McDonald (US), Canetoad Orchestra (UK)


Sound production made Easy
Realtime animation with Animata
Hands-on web development with Jelly
software + craft+ art = fonts

SUBSECTIONS @ StudioUSF & Wrap --

real code:
Otto Roessler (AT), Jonathan Kemp (UK), Martin Howse (UK), Eva Verhoeven (NL),
Oswald Berthold (AT), FoAM (BE), Graham Harwood (UK), Eleni Ikoniadou,
Grzesiek Sedek, Vincent Van Uffelen, Beatrice Fazi, Caroline Heron, Joao

abstract code:
Eleonora Oreggia (IT), Nancy Mauro-Flude (AU), Gaia Novati (IT), Goto80 (SE),
Simon Yuill (UK), Alex McLean (UK), Glerm Soares (BR), Junior Isjtar (BE),
Cristina Ekman (BR), Pixa Babel (XY)


more info and complete programme:


Piksel is an international event for artists and developers working with
free/libre and open source software (FLOSS), hardware and art. It is organised
in Bergen, Norway, and involves participants from more than a dozen countries
exchanging ideas, coding, presenting art and software projects, doing
workshops, performances and discussions on the aesthetics and politics of
FLOSS & art.

Piksel is organised by a community of core participants including members of
collectives dyne.org, goto10.org, ap/xxxxx, apo33.org, giss.tv, A10lab,
hackitectura.net, riereta.net, drone.ws, gephex.org, openlab and others.
Main curators for Piksel08 are Gisle Fr0ysland, Eleonora Oreggia and Martin

Piksel is a member of the Pixelache network of electronic art festivals -
pixelache.ac - and the PNEK network for electronic arts in Norway - pnek.no.

Piksel08 is done in collaboration with Gallery 3,14[3], Volt[2],
Lydgalleriet[3], USF[1], Wrap[5] & MiB[6] and is supported by the Municipality
of Bergen, The Norwegian Arts Council, Hordaland Fylke, the Austrian Embassy,
Citybox, Markens Gjestehus, BEK, FreeCode and others.

[1] http://www.usf.no
[2] http://www.gallerivolt.no
[3] http://www.lydgalleriet.no
[4] http://www.stiftelsen314.com
[5] http://wrap.hdu.no
[6] http://www.mediaverkstedet.org