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Psychological impact

So here it goes with the first post. Im on my last year of a degree course and have to create a Major research project. 
Having a big interest in Net Art I have decided to base my Major research project around this subject. As you would have gathered by the discussion thread title i’m looking to study and review the psychological impact between net art and more contemporary art over the Internet. The main focal point being how the users state of mind and anxiety changes from what there viewing. for example: if a computer virus appears your general internet user goes into a state of panic there heart rate increases and anxiety builds. So the plan is to write a set of instructions for the user to follower viewing both Net Art and Contemporary Art on the Web. Whilst I will be monitoring there heart rate and anxiety levels. One of the sole reasons for this experiment being Googles introduction of viewing Art Galleries online, as Net Art is not well known art form and has mixed reviews amongst art critics. My intentions are to hopefully prove that Net Art deserves it place and that it has a strong impact on its audience.

Any help would be much appreciated. 

Hope that load of text wasn't to boring and made sense.