Walter Rafelsberger


Member Since April 24, 2004

Walter Rafelsberger currently lives and works in Vienna, Austria. His main focus in an art related context is his analysis of the relevance of material in an increasingly digital environment.

Since the mid-90ies his video works focus on artefacts of digital compression technologies and automated image manipulation and went so far to the founding of "marod visuals".

Also worth mentioning is the development of "RhNav - Rhizome Navigation" (2003-2006) which provides interactive visualizations based on user behaviour and attention data analysis.

Other recent works include Animation Supervision on Virgil Widrich's animation short "Fast Film" (2003) and together with Markus Loder-Taucher the creation of "Raumstation Kuhbase" (2001), pilot film for a science fiction animation serial.