Victoria Gibson

Member Since July 25, 2009


I am a Canadian integrated media artist, named Victoria Gibson, with core training in music,and a great passion for technology and the arts.

I am very attracted to the "pluridisciplinary" because I am possibly the most diverse artist you will every meet. I call myself and Integrated Media Artist as I am skilled in the area where art meets technology. My work in graphic design, digital art, video, web design, photography, sound, music, writing, editing and the technical skills to produce the work have been the focus of my self-directed training.

There are several streams of research that I will be pursuing with the goal of developing a strong performance package that can fully communicate the nuances of life experience.

My most recent achievement is to act as photographer and videographer for Ms Pauline Oliveros during her residency in Banff Centre, Canada. This is the third project I have done with Pauline Oliveros as I have acted as a recording engineer, improvising musician, computer technician, video camera operator and editor, digital art creator, graphic designer and photographer.

I work extensively with Paul Plimley, Canadian improvising musician, as co-creator and studio technician.

I am seeking support to continue my work as an artist.