Tyra Watson

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Hi there! I'm Tyra, I currently work as a financial consultant (Can be seen here: http://www.profitablenuggets.com) for a really neat company. It's a fast, fun and pretty easy going job. Other then that, I really love animals, so I spend a lot of my time helping out. Whether it's going to the pound, helping my friends by babysitting there pets, I'm game for anything! Umm, I also like different kinds of exotic food. I'm game for trying anything! Msg me if you'd like to chat!
How is it spam? By simply leaving a link?

Just saying that I liked the post, and hadn't thought about the internet like an art gallery..
"But I think you're on to something with the performative aspect, the idea of making something to fit the limited time and setting in Capricious. We talk about internet art ...