Trace Reddell

Member Since January 1, 1996

Trace Reddell has been exploring the intersections of literary criticism, audio and multimedia production, digital networks, media theory, and the history of drug culture for almost 15 years. He has a Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Colorado, Boulder. Trace is currently an Assistant Professor of Digital Media Studies at the University of Denver, where he also directs the graduate program in DMS. Most recently, Trace launched Perspective House, a and digital theory site hosted by U of Denver's Digital Media Studies program (

Trace's "LITMIXER" project may be found in Electronic Book Review's music/sound/noise issue. "Machinery for Dreaming," an exercise in .txt-to-.midi conversion exploring the work of Thomas De Quincey, is included in the latest Stasis_Space Exhibit, The Palimpsest Project. Trace has had MP3s included in several .microsound compilations under the names The pHarmanaut and Galactus Zeit, as well as at ontomuse, Kunstnett Norge / Artnet Norway's 20 02 2002: The International Day of Time-Specific Art Exhibit, and The Communications of Tomorrow label. He established Radio Pharmakopolis as part of the OpenAir Radiotopia for Ars Electronica 2002. Links to these projects and works may be found at Trace's web site:

Trace is an active curator and editor. He curates a monthly series of new music at Denver's Museum of Contemporary Art called visualsoundings. A CD of works from MCA/D performers is scheduled for release in July 2003 on the A:D:A:P:T label, launched through the Digital Media Studies program at University of Denver. In Winter 2003, Trace begain editing the ongoing music/sound/noise series at Electronic Book Review (, and he has taken on curatorial duties at Alt-X Audio, the audio wing of the Alt-X Publishing Network ( Trace also heads the Bureau of Pharmakogeographical Surveying, part of the U.S. Department of Art and Technology, for which he articulates drug policy. In this capacity, he plans to create and direct a number of projects related to the Experimental Party throughout the 2004 election year (