Tiana Chuang


Member Since February 6, 2005

As a budding new media artist, I am often searching for ways to express what art and technology mean to me. I try to combine the different paradigms that span between media culture, art, and technology in my works. Five years ago, I decided to return to school to obtain my Bachelors degree. At that time, I was not exactly sure what field I wanted to pursue, I just knew anything that I pursued had to have some relation to computer science and hopefully art. I researched many programs at different universities and I found the perfect field of study at the University of California, San Diego: Interdisciplinary Computing and the Arts (ICAM).

Over the last few years, I tried to narrow down the direction of my place as an artist. Where is my passion in being a new media artist? How can I create works that embody my desire to make a statement about culture and social issues that plague the new media environment we live in today?

I have a desire to be involved in all aspects of creation and development. As necessary as concept, design, and execution is to an artist, a high degree of awareness of how "art" is created is required as well. In addition, a truly interdisciplinary artist must know what is happening in all areas of visual arts: combining the disciplines of art, photography, film, and video.

I use the computer as a tool that allows me to turn my visions and ideas into reality. Currently, most of my interests are concerned with combining linear forms, color fields, mathematical computation, and digital medias with text, images and sound to create minimalist, yet powerful visual communication pieces.

In addition to digital pieces, I experimented with the use of the computer to conceptualize a sculptural work and mathematical computation to lay the foundation to build my first 3-dimensional, tangible work. In analyzing the interior space of a cube, light reflection, and depth perception; I created a black cube that housed a fluorescent light, geometric planes of plexi-glass (translucent white) formed into a depth deceptive "hallway" - only visible through a single 1.5" hole on one side of the cube. This interactive work, enticed the viewer to look through the opening, experience the light reflections and the "depth" of the hallway.

I am inspired by the works of James Turrell, Mark Rothko, Joseph Kosuth, Naomi Spellman, Roy Lichtenstein, John McCracken, Betty Parsons, as well as many others. I want to create works that form a connection between humans, perception and reality. Ideally, creating something that inspires each person viewing it to have a different experience and feel a different relation to my work.

As I develop as an artist, I look forward to combining different theories and ideas to produce works that speak to the new generation of new media artists. In addition, with my continued study of the fields of communication, cognition, art, and technology I plan to contribute to the future of development in the areas of digital, media and visual arts.