Teo Spiller


Member Since January 1, 1996

Teo Spiller's art works were exhibited on media and computer art festivals all over the world. He became World recognised when as the worlds first artist sold a net.art work (Megatornix) to a gallery (Ljubljana municipal museum). He organised negotiations between him and the buyer as an open Internet forum with many renomed participant from around the world.

You can find his works in public and corporate collections, including those of Ljubljana Municipal Museum, Municipal museum of art in Gyor, Hungary and Rhizome art base in New York City.

Many articles were written about his work, including those in New York Times online, CIAC electronic magazine, Radio Austria 1, TV Gajba and RTV Slovenia.

He organized more group artistic events with respectable participants from around the world. Two of best known are "net.art trade forum", where he as one of the first net.artists in the world sold net.art work and INFOS 2000 "off-line net.art contest".

He wrote many articles about net.art and had several lectures about it, including a workshop for art teachers in cooperation with Ministry for education of RS.