taras hrabowsky


Member Since June 13, 2007

…Born 1981 in Middletown, NY, I began painting in public by the age of nine, with harmless spray paintings in local train tunnels. Various forms of this and other publicly displayed work carried me through to Pratt Institute graduating in 2002 with a BFA in painting. Since residing in Brooklyn, my work has taken on a mixture of painting, installation, and projection environment having been displayed both publicly and privately. The ongoing guerilla projections of ThingPit and Amalgamide Tide have been in cities cross-country as well as being shown at Sensei Gallery, MCV/NYC, and Pace Digital Gallery. Float (and the cloudcapillars) has been shown at Artist Network as well as projected onto nearby buildings on Broadway and Canal. These works as well as my public murals continue to follow the allure of a constant recreation within our open spaces both natural and intervened ….