Ouamane Tahar

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Tahar Ouamane was born on 12 th March 1954 in Biskra in southern Algeria. He began his artistic career in 1971. Paintings,etchings,frescoes and illustrations and furtering his training of etchings in Bulgaria, Cuba and France… To date, he has illustrated more than 250 literary works. he started exhibiting from 1975 in Algers, bulgaria and germany…and in 1978 he participated at the World Expos of Young Painters in Cuba. Since then Tahar has exhibited globally from Spain, Switzerland,France, Italy, and Tunisia to Washington in USA, Arab Emirates, Egypt, Saudi Arabia,Kuwait,South Africa,South Korea,Russia,Greece, etc…He painted also many murals and ceramics in Algeria for specially universities…His works are in several private collections,Government and Royal museums around the world…he lives and works in Algiers since 1975. His personal website is : www.ouamane.com