T.M. Schmid

Member Since June 18, 2009

Website: strala.ch

T.M.SCHMID is born in Schaffhausen and lives and works in Zurich. 2001 he finished the master of architecture at the ETH Zurich. After the study he went to a scholarship trip to Brazil (Erich Degen Foundation - Topic: 'The built belief in a better world'). He begins to break through traditional ways. Consistent and playful at the same time, he was looking for own ideas. He hunts the trail of an idea, but not to catch it or shoot it down, no, to give her life - because ideas are the best when they live.
With an almost scientific rigor, T.M. Schmid analyzed the properties of materials, rummages through traditional references and reviews any impact on their possible use in his own artistic creations. Consistently, he develops further and creates novel and yet familiar. In 2005 the tms -series received the 'Europes Luminaire of The Year' Award and the trade praised the new style of T.M.Schmid. As jury president he brought, the first 'Innovation and Design Award 2007' (ida) in Zurich to success.

The design firm STRALA enjoys increasing popularity in Switzerland - and in the international art market. The latest objects (Pompidu 2008, Bartok 2007, m-chair 2007, Nelumbo 2007, Napoli 2006) create a bridge between art and utility, and are positioned as “built ideas” in the international market.