Sylvia Grace Borda

Member Since September 22, 2002

Sylvia Grace Borda is a multimedia artist (see heritage content designer with eight years of new media experience in Canada and abroad.

Sylvia Grace Borda is an Associate Researcher and Lecturer in Digital Arts at the Department of Art History, Visual Art and Theory at the University of British Columbia and Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design, where she is currently teaching and examining how cognitive responses evolve over time in relation to media stimuli. Her research interests lie in the examination of popular culture and in the emergence of convergent graphical user interface systems. Among other academic responsibilities, she manages, a partnership of new media curators and international artists addressing the definition of Net Art.

She also specializes in content arrangement and new media (CDROM, web, interactive kioks, and DVD) production for museums and non-profit organizations. Currently Sylvia Borda is working with 12 independent museums in the United Kingdom to form an educational on-line collections system, entitled "EdWeb." The latter project will be adopted as part of England's National Curriculum for school children aged 8-13.