Suzzanna Brock
Since 2010
Works in United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

How: Cross disciplinary work-research based practice.

What: Identity
Where: Global
Who: Me-You-We
Why: Being-Human-Asking-Questions-Testing-Value-Systems-Loss-Absence-Presence-Visible-Invisible +++++

Influences: to name but a few - Magritte-Duchamp-Dada-Surrealism-Conceptualism +++++.
Tools and Materials: Eyes-Ears-Mouth-Hands-Feet-Body-Space-Time-Text-Sound -Video-Camera-Computer +++++.

Education and work experience.
Based in Warwickshire, England

Studies include
Craft Materials Diploma
Coventry University
Art Foundation
Coventry University

BA (Hons) Fine Art Degree
First Class Honours - Wolverhampton University.
Studied under Rose Finn-Kelcey. Darrell Viner

MA Fine Art Coventry University
Studied under Dick Whall.

Teaching experience
Coventry University.
Norwich School of Art

Studio-Lecture Theatre teaching practice on following Degree courses.
Fine Art
Critical Contextual Studies.
Graphic Design

Studio-Seminar teaching practice on following
pre-Degree courses
Foundation Studies
Art & Craft Materials

Arts Project Officer Youth Community Service

Founder member director - Coventry Artists Cooperative, ArtSpace Coventry

Exhibitions - local, national
Site Specific Installations
Performance Art
Artist Residencies
Artist Collaborations
Site Specific Sculptures
Gallery Exhibitions
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Technology in my Pocket

Fri Sep 14, 2012 12:30

Brighton, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Technology & My Pocket - A Call for Participation
Technology & My Pocket, a weekend - 22-23 September - conference at the Brighton Unemployed Centre Families Project, exploring technologies and the evolution of how we work.

Hosted at the Brighton Unemployed Centre Families Project, the conference will engage the communities BUCFP supports, and provide a unique context for makers, artists, theoreticians, unemployed & disadvantaged people to exchange ideas.
The conference will take place over two days. Each day will feature two presentations, two or three workshops and a panel discussion.

The first day, 22/09, will focus mainly on technologies and services for making physical objects. Topics may include 3D printing, "crowd-sourced" and "crowd-funded" product design and other "maker" activities.

The second day is geared towards the "virtual" and can cover everything from online markets for selling your work, through P2P / open-source project organisation, to alternative currencies.

We are seeking presentations and workshops that explore the challenges and opportunities that these innovations bring, for everyone who works in any area of production, from arts and crafts to industrial manufacture.

We have applied for ACE funding which, if received, will cover travel within the uk and lunch, coffee etc. If we do not get funds, we would hope that you might still find this a worthwhile event to attend and support either as a speaker or workshop leader. (But please see the section below)

The conference will be hosted by the Brighton Unemployed Centre Families Project. Details can be found here -

Please note : the funding we have applied for will also cover costs of the BUCFP itself. While we are awaiting the result of our application, the BUCFP's own volunteer committee is deciding how they will proceed if we don't get it. The message we are hearing from them is positive in this regard but their final decision will only be made in August.

We are open for the idea that some speakers may present via Skype rather than in person. (Get in touch to discuss this with us.) The entire conference will be netcast so that as many people as possible can participate.

nb: deadline flexible, for further details contact


Art & Chat

Thu Sep 13, 2012 17:00

Brighton , United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Art & Chat sessions are the kind of open mic nights for artists.

Digital artists, enthusiasts, etc. and the public are invited to present, experience and discuss digital technologies based art works, ideas and projects at any stage of their development.

An informal weekly session at the Lord Nelson Pub in Brighton (MAP | THE PLACE).

Sessions will be on Thursdays the 6th, 13th, 20th and Wednesday 26th of September starting at 5PM.

You are welcome to submit an entry whether you are a professional artist, a student or if you've cooked up something in your bedroom and fancy some honest, intelligent and informed feedback.

If you would like to present something, please sign up using the form.

Art & Chat's spirit will be relaxed, to allow people to present exploratory and in-progress works.

Links to other online stuff you might have will be cool – but not a requirement. We're aiming both to make this event inclusive and aspire to a high quality of work and discussion.

We will also be opening the meetings up to virtual participation through streaming the discussions online and accepting internet presentations from those who can't make a session in person. (In last year's Digihub we had streamed presentations from Goldsmith's digital art MA show, as well as connecting with artists from Copenhagen and Coventry.)

Spaces are limited by time only, as its based on 1st come, 1st serve + the period we have the space, between 17.00 and 21.00. We think that perhaps 5 presentations max on each art & chat session will be coll rather than dense..

We have:
We have sound/speakers, projector, and an internet connection.
A free drink + upto £15 towards travel
Current art and chat bookings are:
1 presentation on the 6th -
2 presentations on the 13th -
2 presentations on the 20th -