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Artist Statement> BarronvonBerg
McLuhan said, 'The printed book has encouraged artists to reduce all formsof expression as much as possible to the single descriptive and narrative plane of the printed word.' To the artist, the artist statement further boxes in the vastness of artistic expression. With this said, and to the extent that we can describe our work:

We believe in artmaking as a snapshot of a moment in our lives. We react to the events and interactions that surround us. If you listen to old Rolling Stones music you may wonder why such a song was written at such a time. The fact remains it was written at that time because circumstances caused it to be. What would Mick Jagger say if he were pressed to describe any given song or the motives behind his craft?
We believe in art as social commentary. Although we never spoon-feed the viewer with content, it is there nonetheless. We work within a field of possibilities that require the viewer to think. Our work at times uses technological forms that are often misinterpreted as gadgetry; if one looks beyond the surface, our message is clear. Art consumers are accustomed to traditional mediums; they know how to approach and evaluate them. New Media requires a breaking down of preconceived notions. The subtle (and, at times, not so subtle) political aspect of our work is designed to elucidate and challenge. In the present political climate, we, as artists, would be remiss if we didn't attempt to decipher what we see happening in our society.

We believe in the creative power of technology. Technology offers the artist vast choices of expressive power. New media is sculptural, painterly, photographic; it is object, written word, sound. Technology as a medium requires science, math and design. It is a microcosm of our present as well as a modifier of our future. We examine our ever-transforming society through the very system that is transforming it.