SUBTLE TECHNOLOGIES brings people together to promote wonder, incite creativity and spark innovation across disciplines.

Subtle Technologies is a gathering of scientists, technologists, engineers, artists and the general public. We share cross-disciplinary ideas, explore new technologies, showcase Canadian creativity and incubate the next generation of thinkers at the intersection of art, science and technology.

We present an annual festival each spring in Toronto, Canada, organise workshops for artists and collaborate on national and international projects.
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Subtle Technologies - 16-25 May 2014 - Call for Submissions // Open Culture: Participatory Practices in Art and Science

Mon Jan 20, 2014 23:30

Toronto, Canada

17th annual Subtle Technologies Festival
Open Culture:
Participatory Practices in Art & Science
16-25 May 2014, Toronto

Call for submissions

Open data, open science, citizen science, collective mapping, hackerspaces, maker communities, crowdsourcing, DIY movement: in 2014, Subtle Technologies will be exploring the theme of “Open Cultures: Participatory Practices in Art & Science”.

We are now accepting submissions by artists, curators and scientists to shape our 17th annual festival, which will be held from 16 to 25 May in Toronto.

Our symposium, performances, workshops, screenings, exhibitions and networking sessions provide a forum to explore ideas and pose questions at the intersection of art, science and technology. Subtle Technologies is known internationally for presenting artists and scientists whose work is at the leading edge of their respective disciplines and for creating a space for dialogue that leads to future discussions and collaborations.

On the theme of “Open Culture”, the festival will celebrate the ways artists and scientists are creating and making use of tools and techniques to harness the collective power, knowledge and creativity of the citizen. Bringing together artists and scientists who are working in these domains will open streams of dialogue leading to increased collaboration and enabling the contributions of an engaged public.

We’re especially interested in transdisciplinary explorations, collaborative projects and participatory experiences.

The deadline for submissions is 20 January 2014. For the full call for proposals, direct link to the application form and contact details for all questions, please visit our website.

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