Stefano Sini Fossiànt

Member Since July 1, 2009

The artist Stefano Sini, pseudonym Fossiànt, was born to Cagliari in 1962.
He has a past of technical studies, but this has not prevented him to cultivate his natural passion for all of this that is art.
And' the fatherly grandfather Rolando, that noticed in him the artistic inclination, follows him and routes him in the world of the art.
He exposes for the first time to Cagliari in 1983, in the district Marina, where he has suffered a positive comparison of criticism and public.
In 1988 it transfers him to Milan, where it has the opportunity of comparing him and to increase his own potentialities in an artistic world of great fervor.
In 1995 he returns in Sardinia, where it devotes him to all of his activities; painting, poetry, photo, sculpture, ceramics, digital art and mail art.
Since then continuous to create and to expose, in shows and contests, achieving prizes and recognitions.
And' inserted in the historical file of consultation of the modern and contemporary art of the Museum of the Arts of Building Bandera of Bust Arsizio (Italy).