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Enrico Boccioletti
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LP: Should all education be free?
EB: I don’t think that would be a conclusive solution. But it should be permissible to steal education for yourself.
LP: In the course of your education, have you ever copied or downloaded materials, resources or tools without paying for them?
EB: It happens all the time.
LP: Would you have been able to afford the estimated retail value of the material?
EB: I wouldn’t be able to quantify an amount, but by no means would I have been able to afford even ten percent of it.
LP: Would your education have been possible without these materials?
EB: Not at all.
LP: Do you value your own intellectual property?
EB: Of course, intellectual property means a lot to everybody; that’s the reason why it should be free to circulate in new production and gain mechanisms to be triggered.
LP: Would you steal a handbag?
EB: Not if there was only one left.

~ Q & A with Lucky PDF for New Schools on Frieze 149 (Sept–2012)