Member Since February 23, 2005

SLAM’s mission is
*to foster a dialogue between international artists using performance, visual arts, music, and the
Web to address cultural and creative diversity.
*to produce projects that provide free accessible art.
*to support the work of emerging artists

SLAM (The Salon of Living Arts Media) was created in September 2003, to facilitate
interdisciplinary arts projects and educational programs that focus on cultural dialogue.
SLAM members share a common history of working internationally on educational arts

The program at the forefront of SLAM’s development was “Therapy Through Art”,
designed for residents at the Center for Care and Rehabilitation in Kerak, Jordan. This
program was coordinated in 2002 by Peace Corps Volunteers Elizabeth Streetman and
Jennifer Warren (SLAM Co-Producer), and Jordanian artist Ali Maher (SLAM Artistic
Advisor); under the patronage of Prince Ra’ed Bin Zeid. Art courses, guest lectures by
Jordanian artists, and a final exhibition were all included in this project.
In New York in 2004, Shannon Riley (SLAM Co-Producer) was commissioned to produce
the multi-media snowstorm performance “Transmission” in partnership with visual artist,
Charles Moody.

SLAM also hosts video art projects through its Realshort division.
Currently SLAM is working on building Sharakkah - a residency program for international artists to be held ni Amman, Jordan.

SLAM's next event Radio Warp: a radio time travel experience, will be featured at the 2005 HOWL Festival's Art In Odd Places. Prepare for time travel August 21-28 in the East Village.