Sladzana Bogeska

Member Since February 27, 2009

Sladzana Bogeska
Born in 1979 in Skopje, Macedonia. Live and work in Rome, Italy.
Visual artist and designer, works with digital and analogue media. Screening and live video performances include collaborations with international sound artist and locations in Europe and wider and also Canada.

Currently researching art and multimedia languages. Autodidact in visual programming languages and graphic enviorenment softwere.

2008-2007 MA (experimental) in Visual Arts, Academy of Fine Arts, Rome.
2003-1999 Batchelor in Fine Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence.
2004 May-October, Master Degree in Media Art Design, Media Arts and Interactive Design, Centro Culturale Digitale Romano 334r. Info and project on web site
1998-1994 Diploma in Applied Graphics and Visual Arts, Skopje, Macedonia.

Residence programme
2003, May - September, partecipate to the “Cantiere d'arte contemporanea, residence programme of the Italian artist Remo Salvadori, in San Quirico d'Orcia, Italy.
Info and projects on web site
Group exhibition at Palazzo Chigi, San Quirico d’Orcia.
Site-specific installation “Fonte La Vena” was installed inside homonym place in S.Quirico D’Orcia.
The book and the catalogue of the Cantiere was published and presented by the Contemporary Art Museum Luigi Pecci , Prato, Italy.

Networking 2003 Trasformation with Meschac Gaba.
Final presentation of the workshop and projects at the Pallazo Vivarelli Colonna, Florence, Italy.

2009 Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, Italy, Conference participation with video project Tree. Conference by Australian artist L. Fowler-Smith, Re-cognising the land.

Cantiere Remo Salvadori, grant for young promising artist resident in Toscana.
Grant Foundation Blagovestie for Macedonian artist in EU countries.

Selection of group exhibitions

2009 5th International Festival for video art and experimental film Attitude, Bitola.

2009 Video it 09. Cured by: Francesco Poli, Francesco Bernardelli, Mario Gorni, Paola Nicita, Cristiana Perrella.Screening and presented at:

Fondazione Mertz, Turin
Teatro Sangiorgi, Catania
Fabbrica del Vapore, Milano Video it 09
Casa del Cinema, Roma Video it 09

2009 Biennale of Young Artist-Identities. Cured by Mira Gacina. Museum of Contemporary Art in Skopje, Macedonia. Participation with 3p3l video installation.

2009 Identities, Biennale selection, Kosovo Art Gallery.

2009 Snob night, LUMA screening and live AV performance.
+Growth videoinstallation, Rialtosantambrogio, Rome, Italy.

2008, 24 11, FucinaOff Live AV performance LUMA, Gallery of Modern Arts Spoleto, Italy.

2008, 11-14 September, Chain Reaction _3rd Upgrade! International Meeting
Screening program of Upgrade Network, curated by Basak Senova, produced by NOMAD Upgrade! Istanbul. Participating curators: Elena Veljanovska, among others.

2008, 23-30 June, Exhibition by the students of the painting class by Donatella Landi.
Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, Italy.

2007, 21 March Home_video #2 (Videomart). Cured by Line. Cultural Centre “Tocka”, Skopje, Macedonia

2006 “Conscious In Coma”, Goethe Institute, Istanbul, Turkey. Cured by E. Veljanovska.
Screening of the video “A Moment of Clarity”.

2006 Home_video #001 screening cured by Line.
Press to Exit Project Space, Skopje, Macedonia.

2006 Festarte “Inner Resonance - man and woman”, in collaboration with Short in Venice Screening Programme. Rialtosantambrogio CS, Rome, Italy.

2006, 10 June, “Ex2” second edition, Ex mental hospital “S. M. della Pieta” in Rome, Italy.
Participate inside video screening and live visual programme.
2006, 08 April, ” Ex1” first edition, Ex mental hospital “S. M. della Pieta” in Rome, IT.
Participate inside video screening and live visual programme.

2006 Video. Screening of “Praticare il Quotidiano” (Practising the Everyday Life).
CS Rialtosantambrogio, Rome, Italy.

2006 Analogue Synthesis, Museum of the City of Skopje - Open graphic studio, Macedonia,
Live visual set with sound artist Vladimir Kaevski.

2006 Tiny Noise Festival, Skopje, Macedonia, live visual performance, Skopje, Macedonia.

2005 November Video Project Room, cured by Tiziana di Caro. CS Rialtosantambrogio Rome, Italy.

2005, 19-28 September, XII Biennale of Young Mediterranean artist and Europe, BJCEM.
Castel Sant’ Elmo, Naples, Italy.

2003, 17 April - 31 May, Networking, The Cities of People, cured by Marco Scotini.
Cantieri Culturali Ex Macelli Prato, Italy.

2003, 6th December Networking -Contested space-Urban Action Day, cured by Marco Scotini.
Spazio Alcatraz, Stazione Leopolda Florence, Italy.

2003 15 11-14 12 2003 Practicing the everyday life, cured by Laura Vecere.
Castle Aldobrandesco, City of Arcidosso, Italy.

2003 20th December “Practicing the everyday life”, cured by Laura Vecere.
Galleria La Corte, Florence, Italy.

2003, 2002 Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, Italy. Group exhibition of prints and graphics.

2002-2001 Calcografie, Academy of Fine Arts in Florence. Group exhibition of prints and graphics.

Group exhibition of the winners of the grants as promising Macedonian artist in European countries, given by Foundation Blagovestie.

Group exhibition after one week Residence in Monastery of Kavadarci, Macedonia.

1999 Museum of the City of Skopje, Macedonia, Group exhibition of drawings and prints by students.
In 2005 founds the xx+xy visuals project, together with the Italian artist and musician Giuseppe Pradella. This project explores media languages, both video and sound. More info on our site

Live visual performances, screenings of video, and multimedia installation

Video installation

Growth. Snob, CS Rialtosantambrogio, Rome, Italy.

Skyeye. Homework Festival, Museo della Musica Bologna, Italy. sound by Ziv Jacob.

Screening of sound based video

Connext Project Tampa, Florida, USA.

Cinetrip, Budapest, Merlin Theatre, Screening of sound based video Minimal Glam.

Live AV

MUV Festival, Florence, Italy.

REC 9 Live Cinema Festival Tarragona, Spain.

LPM, live performance meeting, 2009 Rome, Italy.

Fucina Off Gallery of Modern Art Spoleto, Italy. AV performance LUMA.

Snob Night, CS Rialtosantambrogio, Rome, Italy. AV performance, visuals, video installation.

Live Visuals

Re-Loaded Ex Sonica, Rome, Italy.

Bestiario MACRO-Ex Mattatoio, Rome, Italy. Live Visuals.

LPM, live performance meeting, 2009, 2007, 2006 Rome, Italy.

Analogue Synthesis, Open Graphic Studio, Museum of the city of Skopje, Macedonia. Live Visuals.

Tiny Noise Festival, Skopje, Macedonia. Live Visuals.

Amore, Fiera Roma, Italy. Live Visuals.

Panorama Festival, Naples, Live vjing.

Festival delle Culture Giovanilli, Chiesa dell’Addolorata Salerno, It. Visual art and vjing.

Live video in collaboration with sound artist

Dokfest Lounge, Documentary Film and Video Festival, Kassel, Germany.
Live AV performance DOT with Ziv Jacob. Live AV performance Minimalismus with Ziv Jacob and Jean Marc Caimi.

Capalbio Cinema and Art Festival, Castello Aldobrandesco, Capalbio, IT. Live AV performance Minimalismus. Music project by Ziv Jacob and Jean Marc Caimi.

Interpenetration Festival, Postgarage, Graz, Austria. Live AV performance with Austrian musician Sascha Neudeck.

Collaboration with Murcof, Cosmos Tour 2008-2007

9th Mutek Festival, Theatre du Nuoveau Monde, live audio visions, Montreal, Canada.

SecondeNature, Charteuse de Villeneuve, Avignone, France.

Dissonanze 08, live audio visual performance, Rome, IT

Shift Electronic Arts Festival, idem, Basel, CH.

Evolution 08, Leeds Town Hall, Leeds, UK.

Meetintown, Auditorium Parco della Musica, Rome, IT

Play Festival, Casa Encendida, Madrid, Spain.

Corsica Studios in London, UK.

NatFilmFest, Marmorkirken, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Storung, Farinera del Clot, Barcelona, Spain.

Territorios Festival, Seville, Spain.

Catodica Festival Teatro Miela Trieste Italy.

Le Vie del Suono, Pievepelago, Italy.

Acusmatic, Ancona, Italy.